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Supplemental Independent Type or print in ink. <br /> Expenditure Amounts may be rounded <br /> (Government Code Sections 84203.5) to whole dollars. <br /> SEE INSTRUCTIONS ON REVERSE <br /> ® Amendment (Explain Below) <br /> Report No 93-20141018 <br /> 1® of (ler Information I.D.NUMBER(if recipient committee) <br /> 1,02564 <br /> NAME OF FILER <br /> California Homeowners Association PAC <br /> Z-UFLFr_ME F L i;ID=�PrNI=mp E_ RE <br /> Report covers period Date Stamp CALIFORNIA <br /> from 10/01/2014 1011. V41 1994 FORm 4651 <br /> RECEthrough 10/18/2014 I 1/4 <br /> Date of election if applicable: OCT Z 7 2014 For Official Use Only <br /> (Month,Day,Year) <br /> 11/04/2014 <br /> OFFICE OF THE <br /> I MY CLERK <br /> Treasurer (If recipient committee) <br /> NAME OF TREASURER <br /> Kellv Lawler <br /> ®-Namee i ate or Measure Supported or Opposed CHECK ONE <br /> NAME OF CANDIDATE I OFFICE SOUGHT OR HELD SUPPOR OPPOSE <br /> Steve Vargas City Council Member <br /> NAME OF BALLOT MEASURE <br /> BALLOT NO.1LETTER I JURISDICTION <br /> 3. Independent EXpencinures Made Attach additional information on appropriately labeled continuation sheets. <br /> Please see attached pages <br /> 0 <br /> FOR INFORMATION REQUIRED TO BE PROVIDED TO YOU PURSUANT TO THE INFORMATION PRACTICES ACT OF 1977,SEE INFORMATION MANUAL ON CAMPAIGN DISCLOSURE PROVISIONS OF THE POLITICAL REFORM ACT. <br /> State of California Fair Political Practices Commission <br />