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BREAPLANNING <br />DIVISION <br />Memorandum <br />TO: Honorable Chair and Planning Commission <br />FROM: Jason Killebrew, City Planneil <br />DATE: December 8, 2020 <br />SUBJECT: PLANNING COMMISSION AGENDA #6: CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT <br />NO. 20-10, PRECISE DEVELOPMENT PLAN NO. 20-04, AND <br />CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT NO. 20-18. <br />This memo serves as clarification to some recommended conditions of approval and <br />minor edits to the proposed draft resolution associated with Agenda Item #6 on the <br />December 8, 2020 Planning Commission agenda. In addition, staff is providing some <br />additional supplemental information received from the Brea Police Department related <br />to traffic incidents in and around the subject site. This information does not alter or <br />change staff's facts, findings, or conclusions, nor change staff's recommendation on this <br />item. A summary of the clarifications have been included below: <br />Attachment A Draft Resolution, Conditional Use Permit No. 20-10 <br />• Page 4. Revised "Kimley-Horn and Associated" to "Kimley-Horn and <br />Associates". <br />Attachment B: Draft Conditions of Approval: Conditional Use Permit No. 20-10 and <br />Attachment DDraft Conditions of Approval, Precise Development Plan No. 20-04 <br />• Condition B. Included County to the condition: "all applicable, Federal, State, <br />County, and City regulations." <br />