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Agenda Item 10. <br />City of Brea <br />COUNCIL COMMUNICATION <br />TO: Honorable Mayor and City Council Members <br />FROM: Bill Gallardo, City Manager <br />DATE: 05/19/2020 <br />SUBJECT: ZONE CHANGE NO. ZC 19-01, PLANNED COMMUNITY MASTER PLAN NO. <br />PCMP 19-01, DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT NO. DA 19-01, AND FINAL <br />ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT NO. FEIR 19-01 FOR THE MERCURY <br />RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT PROPOSAL AT THE SOUTHEAST CORNER OF <br />MERCURY LANE AND BERRY STREET <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />MAY 12, 2020 SPECIAL CITY COUNCIL MEETING <br />On May 12, 2020, the Brea City Council considered the proposed Mercury Lane workforce <br />housing project. At the public hearing, the City Council provided comments and/or direction to <br />City staff on the proposed project, which has resulted in changes to the Draft Ordinance and <br />Conditions of Approval as well as the Draft Development Agreement. Updated versions of the <br />documents (both redline and clean versions) have been forwarded to the Council for additional <br />consideration at the May 19, 2020 City Council meeting. <br />PLANNING COMMISSION RECOMMENDATION <br />On April 28, 2020, the Planning Commission reviewed the Mercury Residential development <br />proposal ("Project") which includes the following requests: <br />• A Zone Change from Commercial Industrial to Planned Community; <br />• A Planned Community Master Plan including site-specific development standards, property <br />management, and implementation requirements for a high-density, workforce housing <br />project in an industrial zone consisting of 114 studio, one bedroom and two-bedroom rental <br />units located on a 1.01 -acre parcel; <br />• A Development Agreement granting vested rights and requiring certain community benefits; <br />and <br />A Final Environmental Impact Report ("EIR") inclusive of all environmental analysis, <br />mitigation measures and findings to address environmental impacts. <br />The Planning Commission recommended (5-0) the City Council approve the Project with <br />modifications and recommendations contained in the Conditions of Approval within the Draft <br />Ordinance, see Attachment 1. <br />