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Agenda Item 13. <br />City of Brea <br />PLANNING COMMISSION COMMUNICATION <br />TO:Honorable Chair and Planning Commission <br />DATE:02/26/2019 <br />SUBJECT:CONSIDERATION OF PD 19-01 AND AMENDMENT TO CUP 10-15: A <br />REQUEST TO INCREASE THE NUMBER OF APPROVED SEATS, MODIFY <br />LOCATION OF SANCTUARY AND CONSTRUCT 8,514 SQUARE FOOT <br />ADDITION IN THE C-P(PD) ADMINISTRATIVE AND PROFESSIONAL OFFICE <br />(PRECISE DEVELOPMENT) ZONE. <br /> <br />REQUEST <br />The applicant, Calvary Community Church of Brea, is requesting to amend their current <br />Conditional Use Permit to increase the number of approved seats, to relocate the existing <br />sanctuary space and construct an 8,514 square foot addition to the existing building located <br />at 603 South Valencia Avenue. <br /> <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />Staff recommends that the Planning Commission approve Precise Development No. PD <br />19-01 and the amendment to Conditional Use Permit 10-15. <br />BACKGROUND/DISCUSSION <br />BACKGROUND <br />In 2010, Calvary Community <br />Church of Brea received approval <br />of a Conditional Use Permit <br />allowing the establishment of a <br />church occupying an existing <br />47,000 square foot office building <br />in the C-P (PD) Administrative and <br />Professional Office (Precise <br />Development) Zone. The church <br />is currently operating under the <br />approval of this Conditional Use <br />Permit (CUP 10-15), with a 2,645 <br />square foot sanctuary space <br />located along the north side of the <br />building. The previous approval included a sanctuary expansion to accommodate seating for <br />470 attendees located on the south side of the building (See Figure 2).