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Agenda Item 12. <br />City of Brea <br />PLANNING COMMISSION COMMUNICATION <br />TO:Honorable Chair and Planning Commission <br />DATE:02/26/2019 <br />SUBJECT:AMENDMENT TO CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT NO. CUP 16-02 – A <br />REQUEST TO AMEND THE EXISTING MASTER SIGN PROGRAM FOR THE <br />EMBASSY RETAIL COURT. <br />REQUEST <br />Mr. Patrick M. Nesbitt, on behalf of Nesbit Partners Brea Venture, LTD., is requesting to <br />amend the master sign program for Embassy Retail Court, which was first approved by <br />Conditional Use Permit No. CUP 16-02 in March 2016. Chapter 20.28 of the Zoning Code <br />allows consideration of a comprehensive sign program subject to a Conditional Use Permit. <br />Significant modifications to an approved sign program requires the review and approval of <br />the Planning Commission. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />Staff recommends the Planning Commission approve amendment to Conditional Use Permit <br />No. CUP 16-02, subject to the conditions in the draft Resolution. <br />BACKGROUND/DISCUSSION <br />BACKGROUND <br />Embassy Retail Court is located at the <br />southwest corner of Birch Street and the <br />Mall Entrance Road (see Figure 1). The <br />property is developed with an Embassy <br />Suites hotel on the west side and the retail <br />court building on the east side. At the <br />time of development, Embassy Suite’s <br />sign criteria was adopted by the Planning <br />Commission as a part of Development <br />Agreement No. DA 88-2. In March 2016, <br />a comprehensive sign program was <br />approved and updated and enhanced the <br />overall signs for the retail court through a <br />comprehensive approach to sign <br />placement, and style. The applicant is <br />requesting to amend the existing sign <br />program to include revised placement and <br />standards resulting in greater flexibility for the management of the property and higher quality <br />for sign design. <br />