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COVER PAGE <br />1 <br />Recipient Committee <br />Campaign Statement <br />Cover Page <br />SEE INSTRUCTIONS ON REVERSE <br />COMMITTEE NAME (OR CANOIOATE'S NAME IF NO COMMITTEE) <br />Type of Recipient Committee: A[ committses - comprete Pa.ts r, 2, 3, and 4. <br />fl qmcenolder. CanOidate Controlled Commitlee ! Primarily Formed Ballot l\reasure <br />' O Stale Candrdate Eleclion Comm lee Committee <br />O Recall O controlled <br />@iarrrytete Pd15) O Sponsored <br />lAko ConphL Pdl6) <br />fl General Puroose Commiltee <br />O Sponsored <br />O Small Contribulor Commrttee <br />O Polilical Party/Central Committee <br />2. Type of Statement: <br />X Preelection Statement <br />' L l semFannual Slatement <br />E Termination Statemenl <br />(Also file a Form 4'10 Termination) <br />n Amendment (Explain below) <br />! Quarterly Statemenl <br />E specialodd-YearReport <br />E Primarily candidate/ <br />Ofticeholder Committee <br />(Nn Canphte Pdl 7) <br />ID MEER Treasurer(s)o\G <br />NAME OF TREASURER <br />(<^,"r-\(+<rr.n hr 6oqQ.'*r. Qi\q Cc,o^ci \ zo\s T.Da,,lie\ Lo\\G <br />MAILINGAODRESS <br />STREETADORESS (NO PO. AOX) <br />MAILINGADORESS <br />ctry STATE ZIP CODE AREACODE-/PHONE SIATE ZIP CODE AREACODEPHONECITY <br />OPTIONALT FAX / E MAIIAOORESS OPTIONAL: FAX / E-MAItADDRESS <br />Pase I "t f, <br />0o <br />Statement covers periodB n:21: \6 <br />\o"zo- \x <br />from <br />through <br />Date ofelection it applicable: <br />(Monlh. Day. Yeao <br />ir-6-\< <br />RttHvrn <br />ocT 25 2018 <br />OFECE OF THE <br />CIIY OIERK <br />For Ofiicral Use Only <br />460 <br />4. Verification <br />I have used all reasonable diligence in preparing and reviewing this sta <br />cediry under penalty of pe.jury under the laws of the State of Califomia <br />lement and to the best of my knowledge lhe information contained herein and in lhe atlached schedules is lrue and complete. ! <br />ro-'LLt- \11 <br />lhal lhe fore <br />Ay <br />By- \g <br />By <br />signature orcoolrcllhg oftehdd€r Candrdale, Slale Measu.e Proponenl <br />Sirna'ure or Conl aanddale. Slale Measu.e Proponent <br />FPPC Form 460 (Janl2016) <br />FPPC Advicei (866/2753772) <br />By <br />3. Committee lnformation <br />CALIFORNIA <br />FORM