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497 Contribution Report <br />Bill Hallfor Brea C Counicl 2018 <br />AREACODE/PHONE NUMBER <br />714 936-257 4 <br />147 S. Starflower St. <br />amounr3 m.y be round€d towhole dollars, <br />Brea cA 92821 <br />1. Contribution(s) Received <br />2s00 <br />I Check Loan <br />0 <br />! check r Loa. <br />E Checkl, Loan <br />COM - Redpient Commltlo€ (olh.r lha. PTY or SCC) <br />OTH - Oher(e.s.. busme3r 6nriv) <br />SCC - small conr.ibuto. Comm 66 <br />FPPC Fom a97 (iul/2016) <br />tPPC Advice: advic€ 1865 I 27t-rr72l <br />ww*.hpc..a.rov <br />1401967 <br />E Amendmenl <br />lo Repon No, l\A <br />10t25t18Date of <br />This Filing <br />cT 25 2018 <br />OFFICE OFIHE <br />CTTY CLERK <br />497 <br />IF '"\ INDIVIDUAI <br />ENTER OCCI]PAT]ON ANO EIVPLOYERFULL NAME STREEIAODRESSAXD ZIP COOE OF CONTRIBUTOR <br />E IND <br />E coM <br />E orH <br />! PTY <br />E scc <br />Business Owner <br />Action Mold and Tool <br />Bill R. Hall <br />! rND <br />D coM <br />E orH <br />E PTY <br />E scc <br />E tND <br />E CoM <br />E ott <br />E PTY! scc <br />Reason for Amendmenl <br />10t24118 <br />CALIFORNIA <br />FORM