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COVER PAGE <br />Recipient Committee <br />Foln Stamp <br />Campaign Statement <br />Cover Pagep�""''��Statement <br />D EDPage <br />70nly <br />covers period <br />Date of election ifapplica <br />_C1 <br />1, 2018 <br />(Month, Day, Year) <br />For O <br />fromJan <br />J <br />IL 18 2018 <br />SEE INSTRUCTIONS ON REVERSE <br />through June 30, 2018 <br />11-6-2018 <br />1. Type of Recipient Committee: An committees - complete Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4. <br />2. Type of Statement: C. _ -.7F_ OF T} IF <br />Officeholder, Candidate Controlled Committee <br />❑ Primarily Formed Ballot Measure <br />m Preelection Statement I ' ❑ Quarterly Statement <br />0 State Candidate Election Committee <br />Committee <br />❑ Semi-annual Statement ❑ Special Odd -Year Report <br />0 Recall <br />0 Controlled <br />❑ Termination Statement <br />fAe. f..amrNtr Ped 5) <br />0 Sponsored <br />(Also file a Form 410 Termination) <br />ElGeneral Purpose Committee <br />(ft, C-Pkle Pal OJ <br />❑ Amendment (Explain below) <br />0 Sponsored <br />❑ Primarily Formed Candidate/ <br />0 Small Contributor Committee <br />Officeholder Committee <br />0 Political Party/Central Committee <br />AB. C.apkle Pad 71 <br />3. Committee Information <br />I.D. NUMBER <br />1401967 <br />Treasurer(s) <br />COMMITTEE NAME t:OR CAlUDATE'S NAIVE IF NO "MMITTL-E) <br />NAME OF TREASURER <br />Bill Hall for Brea City Council 2018 <br />Steve Burd <br />s <br />NA <br />MAILING ADDRESS <br />NA <br />CITY STATE ZIP CODE AREACODEIPHONE <br />NA NA NA NA <br />--1 <br />� <br />ffESS <br />4. Verification <br />I have used all reasonable diligence in preparing and reviewing this statement and to the best of <br />shed schedules is true and complete I <br />certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true <br />Executed on 7/2/2018 <br />By <br />Executed on 7/2/2018 <br />By <br />Dat. <br />5ftWmedn. or Con rot <br />Offholder. Candleaiu St M—ure PfW41WhI ur-alawrrl =ar yr SKtlra;x <br />Executed on Date BY Wffl4Rr W Cordruffloy 00huld-r. Candidate, Slate Measure Proponent <br />Executed on _By <br />Dale Signature of Controlling Officeholder, Candidate, Stale Measure Proponent <br />FPPC Form 460 (Jan/2016) <br />FPPC Advice: (666/275-3772) <br /> <br />