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Agenda Item 11. <br />City of Brea <br />PLANNING COMMISSION COMMUNICATION <br />TO:Honorable Chair and Planning Commission <br />DATE:06/12/2018 <br />SUBJECT:CONSIDERATION OF TENTATIVE PARCEL MAP NO. 2017-177 – A REQUEST TO <br />SUBDIVIDE A 3.56-ACRE SITE INTO TWO PARCELS AT 100 & 120 SOUTH STATE <br />COLLEGE BOULEVARD IN THE C–C (PD) MAJOR SHOPPING CENTER (PRECISE <br />DEVELOPMENT) ZONE <br />REQUEST <br />The applicant is requesting to subdivide a 3.56-acre parcel into two parcels within the C–C (PD) <br />(Precise Development) zone. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />Staff recommends the Planning Commission approve Tentative Parcel Map No. 2017-177, subject to <br />the conditions in the draft Resolution. <br />BACKGROUND/DISCUSSION <br />BACKGROUND <br />The applicant, Brea Place Acquisition Partners East 100 & 120 LLC, is requesting to subdivide a <br />single parcel into two parcels. The 3.56- acre property is located south of the Brea Tracks and east of <br />State College Boulevard, see Figure 1 – Site View., The site is zoned C–C (PD) Major Shopping <br />Center (Precise Development) and consists of two existing office buildings. The property was <br />originally entitled by Development Agreement 89-2 as part of the Brea Place and Brea Financial <br />Commons campus. Most recently this property was included in the Hines development, Brea Place. <br />Most recently this property was included in the Hines development, Brea Place project with the new <br />hotel location sited on a non-adjacent parcel south of the property included in this map request. This <br />subdivision request does not change anything related to the 2017 action. The subdivision request is to <br />allow each building to be on an independent parcel. Parcel 1 is proposed to be 1.28 acres and will <br />include the building currently addressed as 100 South State College Boulevard. Parcel 2 is proposed <br />to be 2.28 acres and includes the building addressed ass 120 South State College Boulevard. <br /> <br />