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Agenda Item 10. <br />City of Brea <br />PLANNING COMMISSION COMMUNICATION <br />TO:Honorable Chair and Planning Commission <br />FROM:Jennifer A. Lilley, AICP, City Planner <br />DATE:06/12/2018 <br />SUBJECT:PRECISE DEVELOPMENT PERMIT NO. 18-01 AND CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT NO. <br />CUP 18-04 AN AMENDMENT TO PLANNING COMMISSION RESOLUTION NO. PC <br />3-81 TO REQUEST MEDICAL OFFICE USE AND A PARKING MODIFICATION, IN AN <br />EXISTING ADMINISTRATIVE AND PROFESSIONAL OFFICE BUILDING LOCATED AT <br />3230 E IMPERIAL BLVD IN THE C-G (PD) - GENERAL COMMERCIAL, PRECISE <br />DEVELOPMENT ZONE <br />REQUEST <br />The applicant, Mr. Preston Chan, on behalf of PRES JCR Corporate Plaza Office Investor, LLC, is <br />requesting the following: (1) modification of Planning Commission Resolution No. PC 3-81 to amend <br />condition of approval “a” to remove the restriction of medical and dental office uses; and (2) a <br />Conditional Use Permit for the consideration of a parking modification related to the proposed medical <br />and dental office use. The project site contains an existing administrative and professional office <br />building located at 3230 E Imperial Boulevard in the C-G (PD) - General Commercial, Precise <br />Development zone. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />Staff recommends the Planning Commission approve Precise Development Permit No. 18-01 and <br />Conditional Use Permit No. CUP 18-04, subject to the conditions in the draft Resolution. <br />BACKGROUND/DISCUSSION <br />The subject property is a 5.57-acre site located at 3230 East Imperial Highway, see Figure 1 – Aerial <br />Map. The development was originally approved in 1981 under Planning Commission Resolution No. <br />PC 13-81 (PCR 13-81). This approval allowed the construction of a three-story, commercial office <br />building mainly comprised of professional and administrative office uses totaling 118,678 square feet <br />in size.