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Agenda Item 11. <br />City of Brea <br />PLANNING COMMISSION COMMUNICATION <br />TO:Honorable Chair and Planning Commission <br />FROM:Jennifer A. Lilley, AICP, City Planner <br />DATE:08/27/2019 <br />SUBJECT:CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT NO. 19-03: A REQUEST TO OPERATE AN <br />ELECTRONIC WASTE DISASSEMBLY AND RECYCLE FACILITY ON <br />PROPERTY LOCATED AT 331-333 CLIFFWOOD PARK STREET LOCATED IN <br />THE M-1 (LIGHT INDUSTRIAL) ZONE. <br />REQUEST <br />A request to operate an electronic waste disassembly and recycle facility on property located <br />at 331-333 Cliffwood Park Street located in the M1 (Light Industrial) zone. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />Staff recommends the Planning Commission approve the draft Resolution approving <br />Conditional Use Permit No. 19-03, subject to the listed conditions. <br />BACKGROUND/DISCUSSION <br />BACKGROUND <br />The subject site is located on the south side of Cliffwood Park Street, at the terminus of Oak <br />Place, see Figure 1 – Vicinity Map. This 4.6-acre parcel has a General Plan Land Use <br />Designation of Light Industrial and is zoned M-1 (Light Industrial). The site is currently <br />improved with a 99,552 square foot industrial building and a 150 space parking lot accessed <br />by two driveways on Cliffwood Park Street, see Attachment 5 – Project Plans. The existing <br />building is a concrete tilt-up structure, <br />originally built in 1974 and is currently <br />vacant. <br />DISCUSSION <br />The proposal is to operate an <br />electronic waste (e-waste) <br />disassembly and recycle facility. The <br />business operations include picking <br />up end-of-life electronics from <br />residents, businesses, government <br />agencies, and schools, and bringing <br />them to the site for processing. For <br />the purposes of this business, <br />end-of-life electronics consists of TVs, computer monitors, computers, laptops, printers, and <br />office equipment. All incoming inventory will be sorted into categories and staged to be sent <br />to downstream destinations for final processing or dismantled/separated for material