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Resolution No 90-001 -Adopting General Plan Amendment No Gpa 89 5 Amending the General Plan Land Use Element Text[Icon] 3 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-002 - Adopting a Revised Policies and Regulations Manual for the Community Development Block Grant Funded Housing Rehabilitation Program[Icon] 29 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-003 - Appropriating Funds to Adjust the Fiscal Year 1989 90 Capital Budget to Create a New Project 510 7166[Icon] 2 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-004 - Amending the Existing Classification and Compensation Plans as Amended as Adopted for City Employees to Retitle Financial Services Director Treasurer to Financial Services Director and Amend the Job Classification Specifications[Icon] 4 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-005 - Approving the Application for Grant Funds Under the Roberti Z Berg Harris Urban Open Space and Recreation Program[Icon] 2 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-006 - Amending the Fiscal Year 1989 to 1990 City Operating Budget to Appropriating Additional Funds[Icon] 3 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-007 - Establishing Compensation for City Commissioners[Icon] 3 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-008 - Requesting the County of Orange to Include Within the Arterial Highway Financing Program the Improvement of Kraemer Boulevard Phase Ii[Icon] 6 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-009 - Denying the Appeal of Conditional Use Permit Application No C U P 89 31 and Negative Declaration No N D 89 24 as Approved by the Planning Commission in Planning Commission Resolution No P C 8932[Icon] 3 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-010 - Alternate Methods of Eradicating the Mediterranean Fruitfly[Icon] 2 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-011 - Finding That the Provision of Low and Moderate Income Housing Outside Redevelopment Project Area Ab Will Be of Benefit to That Project[Icon] 3 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-012 - Declaring Certain Property Surplus to the Needs of Said City and Approving the Sale of Said Citys Interest in Said Property to the Brea Redevelopment Agency[Icon] 4 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-013 - Approving the Destruction of Certain Records More Specifically Described Herein[Icon] 2 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-014 - Requesting the Orange County Transportation Commission[Icon] 2 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-015 - Relating to the Meyers-geddes State Employees' Medical and Hospital Care Act and the Fixing of the Employer's Contribution at an Amount Greater Than That Prescribed by Section 22825 of Government Code.[Icon] 2 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-016 - Finding That the Name of Placentia Avenue ‎(South of Imperial Highway)‎ Specifically Set Forth Here- Inafter Should Be Changed to Castlegate Lane[Icon] 3 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-017 - Declaring Its Intention to Grant a Franchise to Union Oil Company, Dba Unocal, a California Corporation, Its Successors and Assigns, and Setting a Public Hearing to Receive Any Objections Thereto.[Icon] 3 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-018 - Approving the Destruction of Certain City Records More Specifically Described Herein[Icon] 3 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-019 - in Support of a $200 Million Bond Issue on the 1990 Ballot ‎(Assembly Bill 1312)‎ to Provide Grants and Long-term Loans M Public Entities Developing Water Reclamation Pro,7ects[Icon] 10 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-020 - Summarily Vacating and Abandoning That Certain Public Street or Road Easement and Alley Easement More Specifically Described Herein.[Icon] 8 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-021- Amending the Fiscal Year 1989-90 City Operating and Capital Budgets Adjusting Revenue Estimates and Appropriating Additional Funds[Icon] 7 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-022 - Appropriating Funds to Adjust the Fiscal Year 1989-90 Operating Budget by Appropriating Funds for the Newly Created Historical Committee[Icon] 3 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-023 - Appropriating Funds to Adjust the Fiscal Year 1989-90 Capital Budget to Appropriate Funds to Acquire Property for Project No. 510-7159[Icon] 2 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-024 - Approving the Appeal of Design Review Application No. D.r. 89-11, Conditional Use Permit Applications No. C.u.p. 89-43 and C.u.p. 89-44, and Negative Declaration No. N.d. 89-26, Subject to Conditions as Set Forth Herein[Icon] 8 Resolutions
Resolution No 90-025 - In Support of a Grant From the Public Telecommunications Facilities Program for Equipment Upgrade to Television Station KOCE 50[Icon] 2 Resolutions
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