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Co/Rte/PM:EA:0C1100 Alternative No.:7A & 9 <br />Project Limit: <br />Project Description:SR-57 / Lambert Road Interchange Improvement Project <br />1) Public Information <br />a. Brochures and Mailers $20,000 <br />b. Press Release <br />c. Paid Advertising $ <br />d. Public Information Center/Kiosk $ <br />e. Public Meeting/Speakers Bureau <br />f. Telephone Hotline <br />g. Internet $ <br />h. Other:$ <br />2) Motorists Information Strategies <br />a. Changeable Message Signs (Fixed)$ <br />b. Changeable Message Signs (Portable) 2 @$15,000 each $30,000 <br />c. Ground Mounted Signs $10,000 <br />d. Highway Advisory Radio $ <br />e. Caltrans Highway Information Network (CHIN) <br />f. Others $ <br />3) Incident Management <br />a. Construction Zone Enhanced Enforcement <br /> Program (COZEEP) @ $1,500 per closure for 24 events $36,000 <br />b. Freeway Service Patrol @ $70/hr for 480 workdays w/ 4 peak hours $134,400 <br />c. Traffic Management Team $ <br />d. Helicopter Surveillance $ <br />e. Traffic Surveillance Stations <br /> (Loop Detector and CCTV)$ <br />f. Others $ <br />ORA / 57 / PM 20.1 - 21.8 <br />Transportation Management Plan Data Sheet <br />SR-57 / Lambert Road Interchange on SR-57 between 0.7 miles south and 0.9 miles north of <br />Lambert Road in the City of Brea.