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APPENDIX E Long Form- Storm Water Data Report <br />D ist-County- Route: 12 -ORA -57 <br />Post Mile Limits: PM 20.2/21.8 <br />Project Type: Interchange Modification <br />Project ID (or EA): OC110 <br />Program Identification: <br />Phase: ❑ PID <br />PA/ED <br />Regional Water Quality Control Board(s): Santa Ana <br />Is the Project required to consider Treatment BMPs? Yes ® No ❑ <br />If yes, can Treatment BMPs be incorporated into the project? Yes ® No ❑ <br />If No, a Technical Data Report must be submitted to the RWOCB <br />at least 3o days prior to the projects RTL date. List RTL Date: <br />Total Disturbed Soil Area: Alt.7A — 25.48 ac: Alt.9 — 21.84 ac Risk Level: i <br />Estimated: Construction Start Date: 08/01/2016 Construction Completion Date: 08/31/2018 <br />Notification of Construction (NOC) Date to be submitted: 07/01/2016 <br />Erosivity Waiver <br />Notification of ADL reuse (if Yes, provide date) <br />Separate Dewatering Permit (if yes, permit number) <br />Yes ❑ Date: No <br />Yes ® Date: 06/01/2016 No ❑ <br />Yes ❑ Permit # No ❑ <br />This Report has been prepared under the direction of the following Licensed Person. The Licensed Person attests to the <br />technical information contained herein and the date upon which recommendations, conclusions, and decisions are based. <br />Professnal En eer Landscape Architect stamp required at PS&E. q <br />-7 A <br />Kevin Evarts, Registered Project Engineer/Landscape Architect <br />I have reviewed the stormwater qua( ter design issues and find this report to be complete, current and <br />(Stamp Required for PS&E only) <br />C* <br />7�p// <br />ager Date <br />";7��2-% <br />Maintenance Representative Date . <br />Eric DiG on,tD signatedLandscapeArchitectRepresentative <br />Caltrans Storm Water Quality Handbooks <br />Project Planning and Design Guide <br />July 2010 <br />District/Regional Design SW <br />