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<br />17800 New <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />DATE: <br /> <br />PREPAR <br /> <br />PREPAR <br /> <br />SUBJEC <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />________ <br /> <br />1.0 Sco <br />This mem <br />the struct <br />Overhead <br />Preparati <br />seismic, <br />provided <br />Log-of-T <br />geotechn <br />therefore <br />becomes <br />An earlie <br />prepared <br />Caltrans <br />2.0 Pro <br />The City <br />proposes <br />existing <br />Figure 1. <br />Undercro <br />Lambert <br />Existing <br />currently <br />whope Street, S <br /> <br /> <br />RED FOR: <br />RED BY: <br />CT: <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />__________ <br />ope of Work <br />morandum h <br />tural designe <br />d (OH) at SR <br />ion for Brid <br />and founda <br />d in this mem <br />Test-Borings <br />nical investig <br />e, the follow <br />available. <br />er version o <br />a memoran <br />memorandu <br />oject Descri <br />y of Brea, in <br /> to improve <br />Brea OH w <br />. This inter <br />ossing (Brid <br />Road UC (W <br />Structure. T <br />y on-going. T <br />Suite B, Founta <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />June 16, 2 <br />Bo Burick <br />Lino Chea <br />Structure P <br />Brea Over <br /> Orange Co <br /> 12-ORA-5 <br /> EA 12-0C <br />___________ <br />k <br />has been prep <br />ers in the A <br />R-57. The co <br />dge Founda <br />ation recom <br />morandum a <br /> (LOTB) s <br />gation will b <br />ing recomm <br />of this repo <br />ndum dated <br />um and our re <br />iption <br />n cooperatio <br />e the SR-57 <br />will be wide <br />rchange imp <br />dge No. 55-0 <br />Widen) is sub <br />The original <br />The existing <br />ain Valley, Cal <br /> <br /> <br />014 <br />k / RBF Cons <br />ang / Earth M <br />Preliminary <br />rhead (Widen <br />ounty, Califo <br />57, PM 20.6 <br />1100 <br />__________ <br />pared to prov <br />Advance Plan <br />ontent of thi <br />ations (Caltr <br />mmendations <br />are based o <br />sheets inclu <br />be performe <br />mendations m <br />rt, dated Ap <br />December <br />esponses are <br />on with the C <br />7/Lambert R <br />ened on the <br />provement p <br />0492) locate <br />bmitted sepa <br />bridge was c <br />g bridge is a <br />lifornia 92708. <br /> <br />sulting (RBF <br />Mechanics, In <br />Geotechnica <br />n), Bridge N <br />ornia <br />1 <br /> <br />___________ <br />vide the nec <br />nning Study <br />is memorand <br />rans, 2009) <br />s for the su <br />n subsurfac <br />uded in Ap <br />ed for this s <br />may change w <br />pril 30, 201 <br />17, 2013 c <br />e included in <br />California D <br />Road intercha <br />e west side. <br />project also <br />ed at Post M <br />arately. <br />constructed <br />three-span s <br /> Tel: (714) 751 <br /> TECH <br />E <br />F) <br />nc. (EMI) <br />al Report (SP <br />No. 55-0482 <br /> <br />__________ <br />cessary geote <br />(APS) proc <br />dum follows <br />. It include <br />ubject struc <br />ce informatio <br />ppendix A. <br />structure du <br />when additio <br />12, was sub <br />containing th <br />n Appendix B <br />Department o <br />ange. As pa <br />. A Site Lo <br />includes w <br />Mile 20.9; t <br />in 1969 and <br />structure wi <br />1-3826, Fax: (7 <br />HNICAL ME <br />EMI PROJE <br />PGR) <br /> <br />___________ <br />echnical info <br />cess for the w <br />s Caltrans Fo <br />es prelimina <br />cture. The r <br />on contained <br />An additio <br />uring the fin <br />onal site-spe <br />bmitted to C <br />heir review <br />B. <br />of Transpor <br />art of this im <br />ocation Map <br />widening the <br />the correspo <br />d widening o <br />th a length o <br />714) 751-3928 <br />EMORAND <br />ECT NO: 12 <br /> <br />__________ <br />ormation to <br />widening of <br />oundation R <br />ary geotechn <br />recommenda <br />d on the as <br />onal site-spe <br />nal design p <br />ecific inform <br />Caltrans. Cal <br />comments. <br />rtation (Caltr <br />mprovement <br />p is presente <br />e Lambert <br />onding SPGR <br />on the east si <br />of about 173 <br />8 <br />DUM <br />2-109 <br /> <br />_____ <br />assist <br />f Brea <br />Report <br />nical, <br />ations <br />-built <br />ecific <br />phase; <br />mation <br />ltrans <br />This <br />rans), <br />t, the <br />ed in <br />Road <br />R for <br />ide is <br />3 feet <br />