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12 -ORA -57 PM 20.1/21.8 <br />SR -57 / Lambert Road Interchange Improvements <br />EA 12-OC1100 <br />August 2015 <br />Fact Sheet <br />Exceptions to Advisory & District Delegated Mandatory <br />Design Standards <br />Prepared and Submitted by: <br />.101As <br />Steven B. Burick Date <br />Registered Civil Engineer <br />Recommended for Approval by: <br />Concurrence by <br />Approved by: <br />8 /7 ,5-- <br />Piia Ansari D to <br />Project Manager <br />(949)440-4497 <br />Telephone <br />'Z (949)-724-2167 <br />Mill Lim Stam on, Chef Date Telephone <br />Design Branch A <br />g <br />J 4 S (949) 724-2282 <br />Tam Nguye , Chief Date Telephone <br />Office of Design <br />