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111RESOILUT1110IN NO BCIBIFA . <br /> RIESOILUT1110IN OF THEI I IE DIIREGTORS OF 'THIE I I IE <br /> COIMMUINIII'TYIE EIEIII"Ti HINAINCING AUTIHORITYI ITIII <br /> CONFLICT OF III 'TIEI IE 'T COIDIE AND SETTINGTI IE IPILACIE, <br /> TIME FOR IREGUILAIR IIIA I TINGS 0111-- 'TIHIE IBOARID <br /> IES' <br /> (iii) the ity of IBrea aired the Ilrndu strp ll Deveoprneint Authorilty of the iffy <br /> of IBrea have eintered into J urmff Exercise of Powers Agreement estalbfishllirig the <br /> lBrea Community IBenefit Flan nurng Authorlity as a joint 1powers agency under -th <br /> Ilaws of-the Stateof ppf rnii 4 aired <br /> (H) -the lBoard of Dllirectors of t1he Author-11-ty wilshes at this tiim 'to flake <br /> tion adolpfing bypaws and a coinfIfict of interest code„ and 'ffpng the p1lace, ffiim <br /> and date ff r r guall r° meetlings of the Board of Il iir or g <br /> B. IE L 'TIII <br /> NOW, THEIREFORIE, The it resolved Iby -theBoard of DlIrectors of the IBirea <br /> mriuuinlity Bene ilt 1Rin irr prig Authorilty, as ff6ll „ <br /> Section 1 Conflict of Inteirest Code. The Board of Dllrectors Ih U Iby <br /> approves rid adopts a Coinflict of Ilrnt r st Code for the u thwity inthe fforrin on flue wIlth <br /> the Secretary. <br /> Sec-filloinw Place, 'Tillime and Date ff it RegWar IMeetlings. „The Board <br /> hereby desilginates 7::00 Ip„ire„ oin -the first and t1hiird "Tuesdays of each rm ninth th <br /> hime and date for r gull it imeefirigs of -theBoard, Regulair inneetilings of the Board <br /> h ell be h lld in -the Clity Councill Chambers of-the City of Birea, located t One CNvV <br /> Center Cilircle, lBrea, CaRforinia 92821, except as innay otheirwIlse be prmlitt d Iby <br /> -the paws of the State of Cafforinila, I otwitlh ff rnd!iirng the ffoir g iiing, ino it gu.ull r <br /> August 5,2014 <br /> IRIFO. IBCIBIFA 2014„e02 <br />