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RESOLUTION <br /> RESOLUT111ONF 'THE BOARD OF DRECTOIRS OF THE BREA <br /> COMMUN111TY BIENERIT FINANCING AUTHO11IRRY AUTHO1110INGTHE <br /> IISSUANCIE AND SAILIEWATER IRIEVIENUE BONDS I I 'THIS <br /> PRIlNCUPAIL AMOUNT OF NOT ' $22,000,000 'T <br /> REIMBURSE I ES IMAIDIE BY THE CITY "TO PURCHASE <br /> WATER RIGHTSIFI I ILIII111= I I S ID01MIEST11C WATERCOMPANY, <br /> ICY, <br /> AND APPROVING SIL T I I ETS AND OFFICIAL ACTIONS <br /> I l'1f IL ,d <br /> (i1i) the ty of I it (tens " iity°") owns avid operates facufifies -fair the supply, <br /> treatment and distribution nn of water wiltINn -tine seirvilce area of the City ( h ter <br /> System"); and <br /> (H) un order -to acquiin addirtionall water supply for -the Water System, on <br /> May 15, 2014, -th dirty purchased d 1"277.72 stiares of stock on the Viifornr IDornestic <br /> Water 17n1panny (the "Water Right ") through a tamp hairy inter.-fund earn" follllowng the <br /> ad pfio n bythe iity CouncH of a resolution pira iinng 1s officiall 4it nmtfi nm -to t unnnlhuµuns <br /> -the cost of-the Water Rilghtsfrom the proceeds of tax.-exeimpt bfiga-lions; and <br /> (tiiiii) in under tai provude funds -to r61mbuirse the coats of -the Water Rights, -the <br /> Ina Cornimunlity Berne-fit IR n rn i ng Authority (the " unutthonuty") Inas proposed -to issue ut <br /> I <br /> Brea Communfty Benefit Ilp nanncinng AuthorRy 2014 Water Revenue Bonds In the <br /> aggregate pdriciil al amount of not -tai exceed $22,000,000 (the 'Uloid "), under the <br /> provilsilons of Article 4 of Chapter 5, Division '7" Tufle 1 of -the Goveirniment. Code of the <br /> State f Caffornila, cornmencling wfth e to nn 6584 of amid Code (the "Bond ILaw"), and <br /> under an Indenture f "Tiru,u t dated as of August 1" 2014 (the "llnnd rmtuauir "), between the <br /> uµuttiorlity and The IBank of New York IMellon 'Trust Company, I . ., as trustee (the <br /> "Trustee")" and <br /> ua st 5,2014 <br />