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Date: 06-03-14 <br /> Item No.: 20 <br /> PARKS, RECREATION AND HUMAN SERVICES COMMISSION <br /> Minutes of the Meeting of April 22, 2014 <br /> CALL TO ORDER <br /> The Regular Meeting of the Parks, Recreation & Human Services Commission was called to order <br /> by Chair Brazo at 6:10 p.m. <br /> ROLL CALL <br /> Chair, Leah Brazo; Vice Chair, Wil Shaw; and Commissioner, Steve Shatynski. Commissioners, <br /> Bill McMillan, and Sylvia San Filippo, were absent <br /> STAFF PRESENT <br /> Chris Emeterio, Community Services Director; Sean L. Matlock, Community Services Manager; <br /> Chris Beckman, Parks Supervisor; and Lenore Sommers, Executive Assistant. <br /> PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE <br /> Chair Brazo <br /> INVOCATION <br /> Chair Brazo <br /> ANNOUNCEMENTS <br /> Chair Brazo reminded Commissioners of the National Drug Take-Back Day scheduled for April 26, <br /> commenting that she was happy to see the promotional material regarding it. <br /> APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br /> Minutes of the Regular Meeting of March 25, 2014, were approved as submitted. <br /> COMMISSION REORGANIZATION <br /> (With Commissioner McMillan delayed and anticipating his late arrival, <br /> the Commission Reorganization item was moved to the end of the agenda) <br /> MATTERS FROM THE AUDIENCE <br /> None <br /> SCHOOL DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE <br /> School District representative, Barbara Ott, was absent. <br /> STUDENT ADVISORY BOARD <br /> 236 <br />