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Received at meeting <br />of 0 - 3 <br />Item number <br />On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 9:28 AM, View, Charlie <> wrote: <br />Good Morning Mr. Stevenson, <br />0 <br />Chief Knabe forwarded your message to me as the gate enhancements at the termination of <br />Olinda Drive were installed by Public Works staff. As a resident of Olinda Village, you may well <br />be aware that the termination of Olinda Drive has long been an attractive entrance for many <br />types of unpermitted activities including trespassing, off -road vehicles, loitering, improvised fire <br />pits, etc., - generally a safety /security concern. The City has installed the added security fencing <br />to address the concerns of the Olinda Village residents and public safety staff to better secure this <br />access point. <br />The termination of the road is gated to allow access by Public Agencies/ Utilities and the <br />property owners; it was not intended to provide public access as the adjacent property is <br />primarily private property. There is a small area of unimproved land that was dedicated to the <br />City a number of years ago however it is surrounded by private property. The termination of <br />Olinda Drive is an access easement, not a public road or trail. It does not provide direct /planned <br />trail access to the Chino Hills State Park. Use of this access point is conducive to trespassing <br />over private property. <br />Given the nature of this access point, the City has the responsibility to secure it as best we can. <br />Through the years we have modified the gate and adjacent fencing to address ever more <br />aggressive attempts to gain unpermitted access. This has resulted in the current fence /gate <br />configuration. It is not appropriate for the City to invite unpermitted access to this easement for <br />any group - pedestrians, equestrians, vehicle operators etc. <br />The City has dedicated significant resources to recreation opportunities in the form of parks, <br />trails and cooperative efforts with the County /State to serve our community. Access to Chino <br />Hills State Park is available at numerous approved locations and these access points <br />accommodate all types of approved park users including hikers and riders. The Olinda Ranch <br />project includes equestrian accessible trails as well as pedestrian trail elements. <br />While we understand the increased security fencing restricts all access at this location, the safety <br />of all the community is our priority and the securing of this access point is consistent with this <br />priority. <br />Best Regards, <br />Charlie View <br />Public Works Director <br />City of Brea <br />