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City of Brea Agenda Item: 17 <br /> COUNCIL COMMUNICATION Date: June 3, 2014 <br /> To: Honorable Mayor and City Council <br /> From: City Manager <br /> Subject: DEVELOPMENT REVIEW (CCSP) NO. DR 08-01, VESTING TENTATIVE <br /> TRACT MAP NO. TT 15956 AND FINAL 2012-13 UPDATE TO <br /> ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT NO. EIR 02-01 - APPEAL - BEV <br /> PERRY - PROPOSED MADRONA PROJECT (FORMERLY CANYON <br /> CREST) TO SUBDIVIDE 367.5 ACRE SITE INTO 165 LOTS FOR SINGLE- <br /> FAMILY HOMES WITH RELATED DEVELOPMENT FEATURES <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> Staff has prepared the attached draft entitlement resolutions denying the appeal and <br /> approving the Madrona plan, with conditions of approval. Staff had previously prepared <br /> conditions of approval consistent with Council direction provided at the April 15, 2014 <br /> meeting which were delivered to the Council with its May 20 staff report. The attached <br /> modified conditions of approval reflect agreement from the applicant and convey how <br /> they propose to provide for the Council's goals as expressed at its April 15 meeting (see <br /> Attachment 1 , correspondence from applicant). The modified draft conditions of <br /> approval also incorporate further best practices and clarifications regarding goals or <br /> timing of specific conditions, as the result of staff's continued refinements. A key draft <br /> condition lacking agreement regards the condition of approval concerning sustainability <br /> or "green" measures (e.g. water and energy conservation programs). The applicant <br /> desires to consider this condition further and provide a separate response to the <br /> Council. Staff recommends the City Council review the draft conditions, and direct staff <br /> regarding any final condition language, and adopt project entitlements. <br /> BACKGROUND <br /> This item was last discussed by the Council at its meeting of April 15, 2014. Since that <br /> time the project applicant has given additional consideration regarding direction <br /> provided by the Council and the specifics of how they might be able to implement the <br /> 10 <br />