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CITY OF BREA PLANNING COMMISSION <br />Minutes of Study Session — June 14, 2011 <br />MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: <br />MEMBERS PRESENT: <br />MEMBERS ABSENT: <br />STAFF PRESENT: <br />OTHERS PRESENT: <br />MATTERS FROM THE AUDIENCE <br />None <br />AGENDA ITEMS <br />6:15 p.m. by Chair Fox <br />Chair Pat Fox <br />Vice Chair Jim Grosse <br />Commissioner John Koos <br />Commissioner Christine Marick <br />Commissioner Tom Prenovost <br />Eric Nicoll, Community Development Director <br />Charlie View, Public Works Director <br />Gabriel Linares, Building & Safety Manager <br />Adrienne Gladson, Senior Planner <br />Maribeth Tinio, Associate Planner <br />Steven Flower, Deputy City Attorney <br />Kevin Kelly, Fire Marshal <br />Laura Pierce, Secretary <br />Steve Sheldon, Brian Ritz — applicant <br />The Commissioners and staff were provided copies of additional correspondence that was <br />received since packet distribution. Correspondence from Valerie Warren, Curt Warren, <br />Phyllis Dye, and R.E. Bill Guchereau were previously emailed to the Commission on June <br />13, 2011. The following correspondence was received today (day of meeting): Ann Keith <br />Nicholson and Doyle Franklin Munyon. <br />S enior Planner Gladson noted that at the May 24 meeting, the public testimony portion of <br />the public hearing was closed. Deputy City Attorney Flower expanded on the public <br />testimony being closed in that it wasn't continued to this meeting or re- noticed, so there is <br />no opportunity to re -open the hearing to allow further public testimony. "rhe Matters from <br />the Audience on the agenda provides the public the opportunity to spear on any subject . <br />matter including this application. To further clarify, if the Commission finds there are issues <br />that come up during deliberations or they require certain factual clarifications from the <br />applicant or their representatives, the Commission can briefly ask the question and have <br />the applicant provide the information, but the hearing is not re- opened for that purpose. <br />Mr. Flower recommended to Chair Fox that she explain to the audience at the beginning of <br />Matters from the Audience that it is their time to speak on any subject matter, including the <br />