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CITY OF BREA PLANNING COMMISSION <br />Minutes of Study Session — March 22, 2011 <br />MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: 6:04 p.m. by Chair Fox <br />MEMBERS PRESENT: <br />Chair Pat Fox <br />Vice Chair Jim Grosse <br />Commissioner John Koos <br />Commissioner Christine Marick <br />Commissioner Tom Prenovost <br />MEMBERS ABSENT: None <br />STAFF PRESENT: <br />Eric Nicoll, Community Development Director <br />David Crabtree, Deputy Director /City Planner <br />Maribeth Tinio, Associate Planner <br />Dana Kemper, Fire Marshal <br />Laura Pierce, Secretary <br />OTHERS PRESENT: None <br />MATTERS FROM THE AUDIENCE <br />None <br />AGENDA ITEMS <br />The Planning Commission's discussion of ZOA 11 -01 weighed heavily on parking issues. <br />The need of reciprocal parking agreements, possibly requiring a minimum term of parking <br />agreements, possible review and monitoring as agreements expire, what to do if parking <br />agreements are failed to be renewed, modification hearings, dealing with potential growth <br />needs and additional parking needs, location of secured parking, pedestrian safety, <br />adjacent uses in industrial zones, and requiring agreements to be in perpetuity. <br />INFORMATIONAL / PROJECT UPDATES <br />Chair Fox would like to have staff research the situations and rules for abstention voting as <br />well as looking into the use of "Rosenberg's Rules of Order" as mentioned at the recent <br />League of California Cities conference. <br />The meeting adjourned at 6:53 p.m. <br />ATTEST: <br />Chair, Pla nin ommission Secretary, Planning Commission <br />SS Minutes 3/22/11 <br />