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• City of Brea Agenda Item: 10.3 <br />• <br />COUNCIL COMMUNICATION Date: June 7, 2011 <br />To: Honorable Mayor and City Council <br />From: City Manager <br />Subject: CONSIDERATION OF ZONING ORDINANCE AMENDMENT NO. ZOA <br />11 -01, TO MODIFY THE LIST OF CONDITIONALLY ALLOWED USES <br />WITHIN THE INDUSTRIAL ZONES, REMOVING CHURCHES, RELIGIOUS <br />INSTITUTIONS, AND SIMILAR PLACES OF ASSEMBLY FROM THE M -1, <br />LIGHT INDUSTRIAL ZONE & THE M -2, GENERAL INDUSTRIAL ZONE <br />AND TO MODIFY PARKING STANDARDS FOR SUCH USES WITHIN <br />CHAPTER 20.08.040 <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />Introduce ordinance for first reading by title only and waive further reading of the <br />ordinance. <br />BACKGROUND <br />Prior to 2006, the City allowed for churches and religious institutions in all of its <br />Residential as well as all of its Commercial zones, subject to Conditional Use Permit <br />(CUP) review and approval. In 2006, the City modified its code to also allow these uses <br />within the industrial zones, with a CUP. Since that time, seven (7) CUPs for such uses <br />have been processed and approved for the industrial zone and (2) two CUPs for such <br />uses have been processed and approved for the commercial zones. Subsequent to the <br />influx of applications, the Council made a further code amendment in 2007 providing <br />additional guidelines for these uses within the industrial zones. <br />2007 Code Amendment — As part of the 2007 code amendment, staff updated the City <br />Council and the Planning Commission regarding several challenges encountered when <br />