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CITY OF BREA PLANNING COMMISSION <br />Minutes of Study Session — October 27, 2009 <br />MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: 6:33 p.m. by Chair Clough <br />MEMBERS PRESENT: <br />Chair Ric Clough <br />Vice Chair Koos <br />Commissioner Pat Fox <br />Commissioner Jim Grosse <br />MEMBERS ABSENT: Commissioner Tom Prenovost <br />STAFF PRESENT: <br />Charlie View, Development Services Director <br />David Crabtree, City Planner <br />Maribeth Tinio, Associate Planner <br />Star Martinez, Assistant Planner <br />Shaveta Sharma, Assistant Planner <br />John Hogan, Acting City Engineer <br />Laura Pierce, Secretary <br />OTHERS PRESENT: None <br />MATTERS FROM THE AUDIENCE <br />None <br />AGENDA ITEMS <br />City Planner David Crabtree introduced Acting City Engineer John Hogan who provided an <br />overview of the Flood Plain Overlay District. Mr. Hogan indicated it is primarily a <br />housekeeping item triggered by the Homeland Security Emergency Management Agency. <br />In the late 1970's, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) began mapping, <br />studying, and designating areas prone to flooding a nd established a flood insurance <br />program that required a person to carry this insurance for certain types of loans if you were <br />located in one of these flood prone areas. The recommended draft ordinance would <br />adopt the new map and formally remove any inconsistent/contradictory regulations. (Map <br />exhibits were provided on the show wall to detail the flood plain zone locations). <br />City Planner Crabtree commented on the two time extension requests and noted Brea <br />Downtown Chapel has progressed quite a bit with construction plans almost completed. <br />Chair Clough inquired about the CUP request by Osaka Seafood Buffet to allow the service <br />of on -sale beer and wine. City Planner Crabtree responded that it is necessary due to the <br />preceding legal non - confirming use previously afforded to Bobby McGee's. Additionally, it <br />has been longer than the six (6) month time limitation to take over the previous Conditional <br />Use Permit, had there been one permitting on -site alcohol sales. <br />