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CITY OF BREA PLANNING COMMISSION <br /> Minutes of Study Session — November 25, 2008 <br /> MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: 6:10 p.m. by Chair Tom Prenovost <br /> MEMBERS PRESENT: Chair Tom Prenovost <br /> Vice Chair Ric Clough <br /> Commissioner Pat Fox <br /> Commissioner Jim Grosse <br /> Commissioner John Koos <br /> MEMBERS ABSENT: None <br /> STAFF PRESENT: David Crabtree, City Planner <br /> Adrienne Gladson, Senior Planner <br /> Maribeth Labio, Associate Planner <br /> Star Martinez, Assistant Planner <br /> Shaveta Sharma, Assistant Planner <br /> Dana Kemper, Fire Marshal <br /> Laura Pierce, Secretary <br /> OTHERS PRESENT: None <br /> MATTERS FROM THE AUDIENCE <br /> None <br /> MEDICAL MARIJUANA DISPENSARIES OVERVIEW <br /> City Planner David Crabtree noted this item would be coming before the Commission at <br /> the next public hearing. City Planner Crabtree and Associate Planner Maribeth Labio <br /> gave a brief overview including the Council's adoption of an interim ordinance <br /> prohibiting such use, the conflicts between State and Federal law, City of Anaheim's <br /> adopted prohibition that was challenged and upheld by the Superior Court and the <br /> continued legal course of action, and negative secondary effects that could impact the <br /> community. Staff is preparing to bring to the Commission a recommendation to prohibit <br /> marijuana dispensary uses. <br /> Chair Prenovost inquired as to the latest date to act on this item and who the trial judge <br /> and the three appellant court judges were in the City of Anaheim litigation. <br /> Commissioner Koos asked if staff could obtain information to identify if it is law or <br /> regulation at the Federal level. Commissioner Koos also requested backup information <br /> relating to crime studies associated with medical marijuana dispensaries. <br />