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111RESOLUTION OFTHE IBOARD OF DIRECTORS OF TIIIHIE <br />IIINDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT AUTIHOIRITY 0111::T11111EITS OF IBREA <br />AP111PROVING BYLAWS, ADOPTING A CONIFIL11ICTF INTEREST <br />CODE AND SETTING THE PLACE, TIME ANDSIE IFOR <br />REGULAR ETIIII T111HE BOARD <br />RECITALS: <br />(I) the City CouincH of -the City of Br (the "City") Ihas adolptedits rdinan <br />declaring need for ain iiina utri ll development authority in -the City and establlishingthe <br />Industrial Development uthoriity of the City 0f Bit (the "Authority") under -tlh Vii -forums <br />Industrial Development ment Rin nein Act; wind <br />(iiiiii) -the Boardof Directors of the utlhoi -ty wishes t this 'time -t0 -take action <br />approvirig and adopting byll w and a ca n-l'llw t of interest code„ and setting -theIpll , <br />tirvie and date -tor annuall meetings f the Board of Directors; <br />B. LI <br />NOW, THE111REFORE, be it is -t uin „ detennnedand iresollved by the Board of <br />Directors of -the IlindutirlW D v IIOlpinent Authority of the City of lBrea as follows:: <br />-tion 1 Approval of ByLaws. The Board of Directors hereby Iplpir v and <br />opt By�aws for the Authority iiia substaintiailly -tlh -form oin Tulle wotlh the Secretary., 'Th <br />Chair is hereby authodzed and directed to execute, and the r t Ty its hereby <br />aut1hodzed to attest, said I yO w iin -the name wind Oin b h llf of the u,uthorlity. <br />Section 2 Coinflict of Illinterest Code The Boardof Directors hereby approves <br />wind adolpts a Conflict 0f Interest Code for -the Authority in substaintilafly the form our -bills <br />JWy 22, 2014 <br />Il eso. IW o. 111DA 2014...01 <br />