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RESOLUTION NO. 03 -57 <br />AMENDMENT TO THE CITY MANAGER <br />EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT <br />A. Recitals. <br />(i) On July 18, 2000, the CITY OF BREA, a municipal corporation ( "CITY" <br />hereinafter) entered into an Employment Agreement with Tim O'Donnell as City Manager <br />( "MANAGER" hereinafter). <br />(ii) It is the desire of the CITY and MANAGER to further amend said Agreement. <br />(iii) All amendments set forth in this Resolution shall be effective July 1, 2003, except <br />as otherwise provided herein. <br />B. Amendment. <br />1. Section 4, "Salary," shall be amended to read as follows: <br />A. The CITY COUNCIL agrees to pay the MANAGER for services rendered, <br />including services as AGENCY's Executive Director, as provided herein, with a <br />base salary of $14,293 per month commencing July 5, 2003. <br />2. Section 6, "Retirement and Management Package," shall be amended to read as <br />follows: <br />C. During the term of the MANAGER's employment under this Agreement, CITY <br />shall make payments in the amount of $191.06 bi- weekly to the California <br />Public Employees Retirement System on behalf of the MANAGER for the <br />purchase of Military Service Credit, in a manner authorized under Internal <br />Revenue Code Section 414(h)(2). MANAGER shall not have the option of <br />receiving this payment as cash. <br />1 <br />July 1, 2003 <br />RESO. 03 -57 <br />