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City of Brea <br />Amendment to the City Manager Employment Agreement <br />This Amendment to the City Manager's Employment Agreement is entered into this 17th <br />day of September, 2002, by and between the CITY OF BREA, a municipal corporation <br />( "CITY" hereinafter), and Tim O'DONNELL (hereinafter referred to as "MANAGER "), <br />both of whom understand as follows: <br />WHEREAS, the governing body of the City of Brea (hereinafter called the "CITY <br />COUNCIL ") entered into an agreement with the MANAGER on July 18, 2000, regarding <br />the terms and conditions of his employment, including compensation and benefits; and, <br />WHEREAS, the MANAGER and CITY COUNCIL desire to amend that agreement; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, the parties agree to amend the MANAGER's Employment <br />agreement as follows: <br />Section 4, Salary, is hereby amended to read: <br />A. The CITY COUNCIL agrees to pay the MANAGER for services <br />rendered, including services as AGENCY's Executive Director, as <br />provided herein, with a base salary of $14,063 per month commencing <br />July 1, 2002. <br />B. Effective September 17, 2002, MANAGER shall receive a lump -sum <br />performance award in the amount of 2.5 % of the adjusted annual base <br />salary. <br />Section 6, Retirement and Management Package, is hereby amended to read: <br />A. Effective July 1, 2002, the CITY shall contribute $1000 per month to the <br />MANAGER's flexible benefits account from which he may purchase <br />benefits available to all Executive level employees. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, CITY COUNCIL has caused this amendment to the <br />Agreement to be signed and duly executed on its behalf by its Mayor, and duly attested <br />by its City Clerk, and the MANAGER has signed and executed this amendment to the <br />Agreement, in triplicate, the date and the year above written. <br />_ RIGINAf <br />CiERK <br />The CITY OF BREA, al Corporation <br />By- <br />Marty S-mo fir' f, mayor <br />P \Council \Resolutions \City Manager Agreement - 2002 <br />