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297 <br />ORDINANCE NO. 205 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF BREA PROVIDING FOR THE <br />LICEITSING AND REGULATING OF CERTAIN BUSINESSES, TRADES, <br />CALLINGS AND OCCUPATIONS AND REPEALING ALL ORDINANCES <br />OR PARTS OF ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT THEREWITH. <br />The City Council of the City of Brea does ordain as follows: <br />Section 1. The rate of licenses for all businesses, trades, callings, occu- <br />pations and for all persons whether individuals, corporate or otherwise, for which <br />the City of Brea has the legal right to cblleet a license therefor, shall be at <br />the sum of $18.00 per ,year, payable as hereinafter provided, except where the rate <br />is hereinafter specifically set forth, as follows: <br />1. Automobile agencies $50.00 per year. <br />2. Bootblacks $5.00 per year. <br />3. Contractors and Sub- contractors $30,00:per year, or $10.99 for a period <br />of three months. <br />4. Sign, posting, advertising business $36.00 per year. <br />5, Billiard, pdol halls and bowling alleys $40.00 per year, which includes <br />the license for the first four tables, playing devices or alleys, and $5.00 Der <br />year for each additional table, alley or playing device. <br />6. Manufacutring and welding business, where not more than ten persons are <br />employed, $18.00 per year. For each additional ten persons employed, or fractional <br />part thereof, the sum of $3.00 per year. <br />7. For the business of operating hotels, apartment houses rooming houses, <br />boarding houses, motels, auto courts, bungalow courts, and inns, where not more <br />than five units are rented to accommodate guests, roomers, and tenants, shall be <br />$18.00 per year, and for each separate accomodation over five, $2.00 per year <br />additional to said fees. <br />8. Every person not having a regularly established place of business or <br />periodically established merchandise route within the City, selling or soliciting <br />orders for the sale of merchandise of any kind or soliciting orders for services <br />of any kind, the sum of $5.00 per day, provided that license shall not be issued <br />for less than five cflnsecutive days, or $60.00 per annum, payable annually in <br />advance. Provided further, that the license fee herein provided for shall apply <br />to each person so selling or soliciting, regardless of the fact that the selling <br />or soliciting may be for the same firm, corporation ro person. <br />9. Trucking, hauling and draying with motor trucks, the sum of $25.00 per <br />year for the first truck, and an additional fee of $3.00 year for each additional <br />truck. <br />10. Auction sales $20.00 per day, except such auctions for the bona fide <br />disposing of merchandise of a regularly licensed merchant who has been doing bus- <br />iness within the City of Brea for one year prior to the auction, for which no ad- <br />ditional license shall be required. <br />11. Housd and building movers $25.00 per year. <br />12. Merry -go- rounds and carnival amusement devises of all kinds, $20.00 per <br />day. <br />13. Circuses $50.00 per day, plus $10.00 per day for each side show where <br />separate admission is charged. <br />14. Shows, including traveling shows, exhibitions, games, animals or other <br />exhibitions $10.00 per day, plus the sum of $10.00 -per day for each side show <br />where separate admission is charged, which does not include regularly established <br />theaters: <br />15.. Jute boxes or music machines of any kind $15.00 per year for each machine. <br />16. Astrology, aplmistry, fortune telling, hypnotism and every kind and <br />character of similarly related matters, a fee of $25.00 per day. Said fee shall <br />apply whether the same is practices as a business or as an exhibition. <br />17. Merchandise Mending Machines. Forall types of machines or devices of any <br />kind through which merchandise is sold by the use of such machine the sum of $15.00 <br />per year for the first machine and $5.00 per year for each additional machine, <br />except where the coin inserted or prudhase prive of the material from the machine <br />is five cnnts or less, then the sum of $2.00 per year for the first machine and <br />the sum of fifty cents per year for each additionalmachine. <br />18. Amusement Devices. Every person engaged in the operation of any device, <br />machine, instrument for amusement purposes or entertainment, shall pay an annual <br />license of $25.00 per year for each divice, machine or instrument. The words <br />device, machine or instrument shall be contrued to include, among other things, <br />tables at which games of all kind are palyed, as well as any machine or instrument <br />or device in which coins or consideration is deposited. The term "person" as used <br />in this provision shall include the owner, the person having contro. of such device, <br />and the owner or occupant of the place of business where the device is placed for <br />use. <br />Provided further, no license shall issue under the above provision unless a <br />written application is presented to the City Council and the City Council shall have <br />granted such application after an investigation, for which it shall have a period <br />of time of at least sixty days from the filing of the application, and after a <br />