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r 285 <br />ORDINANCE NO. 200 <br />AN ORDINANCE RELATING TO DISASTERS <br />WHEREAS, experience during war and peace has demonstrated the need <br />for adequate disaster plans and for mobilization of the resources of the <br />community to cope with such disasters; and <br />WHEREAS „ the State of California has created a State Disaster <br />Council to prepare a state disaster plan and to recommend mutual aid regions; and <br />WBMIEAS, municipalities have legal authority (Constitution, Article Xl, <br />Section 11, and Military and Veterans Code Section 1571, as Statutes <br />of 1945, Chapter 1024) to create disaster councils for the purpose of formulating <br />local disaster plans, including mutual aid agreements; <br />follows: <br />NOW, THEREFORE, The City Council of the City of Brea does ordain as <br />Section 1. DISASTER. As this ordinance, the term "disaster" <br />shall include, but is not limited to,.any extraordinary fire, flood, riot, storm, <br />epidemic or earthquake, or any enemy attack or sabotage, which causes or threatens <br />to cause loss of life or property and in which occurrences the responsibility <br />devolves upon the regular constituted authorities for the maintenance of public <br />peace and order and the preservation of life and property. It shall not include <br />any conditions resulting from a labor controversy. <br />Section 2. DISASTER COUNCIL. MEMBERSHIP. The BREA Disaster Council is <br />hereby created and shall consist of the following: <br />A. The Mayor, who shall be chairman. <br />B. The Commander, who shall be vice — chairman. <br />C. The Vice — commander, appointed by the Mayor with the advice and <br />consent of the City Council, who, in the absence of, or at the <br />direction of, the Commander, shall act on his behalf on matters <br />within the purview of this ordnance. <br />D. The Chiefs of Divisions as hereinafter provided. <br />E. Such other representatives of civic, business, labor „ veterans, <br />professional or other.organizations as may be appointed by the <br />mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council, <br />Section 3. DISASTER C OUNCIL . POWERS AND DUTIES. It shall be the <br />duty of the Brea Disaster Council, and it is hereby empowered: <br />A. To develop a plan for meeting any disaster. Such plan shall <br />provide for the effective mobilization of all the resources of <br />the community, both public and private; <br />B. To prepare and recommend for consideration by the City Council <br />ordinances necessary to implement the disaster plan; <br />C. To consider aad recommend to the City Council for approval <br />mutual aid plans and agreements; <br />D. Others. (As determined locally). <br />The Disaster Council shall meet upon call of the chairman. <br />Section 4. COMMANDER. POWERS AND DUTIES. There is hereby created <br />the office of Commander. Such officer shall be appointed by the mayor with the <br />advice and consent of the City Council. <br />The Commander is hereby empowered: <br />A. To proclaim the existence or threatened existence of a disaster <br />and the termination thereof; <br />B. To request the Governor to proclaim a state of extreme emergency <br />In the area in and around the City of Brea when in the opinion of <br />the Commander the resources of the community are inadequate to <br />cope with the disaster; <br />C. To govern and direct the effort of the Brea .Disaster Corps in the <br />accomplishment of the purposes of this ordinance; <br />D. To direct coordination and cooperation between the chiefs of <br />divisions and resolve questions of authority and responsibility <br />that-may arise between them; <br />E. To.represent the Disaster Corps in all dealings with public or <br />private agencies pertaining to disaster preparedness. <br />