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ORDTITA_''CE NIJI SE-R 20 <br />AN ORDIIT.L.ITC7, TC BE Ii1'O i AS THE 'NIFOR- ELECTRICAL CODE OF THE <br />CITY OF BREA <br />CREATING THE OFJ;IC71 CH Cl-=F EL-CT":ICAL 1INTSPECTM, Pi ESC~,13I'?G HIS DUTIES. <br />kND AUTHORITY; M07IDIiiG FOR TEE ISSY7!.P'CE OF :,LECTRIC:_L PER jITS A;D FOR I~I- <br />SPE CTIONS A'\TD FI I:TG TT':E FEES 'UMFOR; REGUL':TI?~G TI E IlYSTij LAT101:,- <br />*ruE:,p, ,T, riL1;'~..Al IJ O.,, REPAIR, ~E A'~ i nFrRhiF i3 OF ELECmot, <br />I <br />iiR t :...i, IG <br />'TRIC :JIRIA.'G, <br />ELECTRIC FIXTURES, ~_RT) 0T1;Ei? ELECTRICa:L APPLI-~.I'CE3 AIdD E6UIP1Z T; PROVIDIr11 <br />A „ 5;9 <br />~E.~liL1Y FOR VIOL^si_():' OF TI_i, Si::,?;; RFPEii?1iI~:G Ci~DIi~1:',.?CE Tr~,tBih <br />1':IdD 1i LL OTHER, 0«1)I":u'C:_S i:1' D i':LiTS OF O DI:? "CES 1T`' CONFLICT t? ERE''iITH, ?i~D <br />;.DOPTING BY REF1'R2:'CA T:T":T CERT_.II? PRI'^ED E UCT21CAL CODE PRilTTED IN BOOK <br />FORI.! Ea'UITLED EI- Ci'r CrI, CODEPUBLISHED BY ':HE PACIFIC COAST <br />ELECTRICAL BUREsiU, T'-1--lEE CO?I^S OF 1,THTICH iRF 0"T fIL IN TI-E, OFFICE OF THE <br />CITY CLERK FOR UCL 1_ZT :Xt1.I?;.:'rION BY THE 17BT,TC.; <br />The City Counc it of the City of Brea <br />do ordain as folloi•rs: <br />SECTION That certain document in book form., entitled "Uniform <br />Electrical Code`', 19,17 edition, published by the Pacific Coast Electrical <br />Bureau, three conies of ..,hich are now on file in the office of the City Clerk <br />of the City of Brea , <br />is hereby adopted and enr.ctad' b-r ::he City Cou..cil c T the City tf $rPa, <br />as the Eleotrical (oZ of the City of Brea , <br />SECTION i'd0: That Ordinance No. 59 of the City of <br />Brea - <br />~dc~c . <br />and all other ordirances o'r harts of ordina:~ces in conflict herewith are <br />hereby repealed. <br />S:.CTIO.J TIfTrE: That the City Clark shall certil'sr to the adoption <br />of this Ordinance s.nd•cause the same to be published or posted as required by <br />law. <br />*fill in here the co;.,)lc e title of the present olectrioal ordinance or <br />ordinances in effect at tr,e present time so that t:hov will be repealed by <br />definite mention. <br />0 <br />0 <br />