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i ORDINANCE NO. 21~, <br />2 AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF BREA FIXING CHARGES <br />FOR SERVICES IN CONNECTION WITH SANITATION AND <br />3 THE SEWERAGE SYSTEM AND THE PICKING UP OF TRASH <br />AND GARBAGE. <br />4 <br />5 The City Council of the City of Brea does ordain as follows: <br />6 Section 1. That whereas the City does furnish to its <br />7 presidents services in connection with its sewerage and sanitation <br />i system, and services for the picking up of garbage, trash and <br />9ij refuse; now, therefore, the City Council is authorized to make a <br />10 charge therefor. <br />11 Section 2. That the charges herein provided for shall be <br />12 collected with the charges and rates for water furnished by the <br />13 City to such premises. The charges shall be billed upon the same <br />W 14 bill as prepared for charges for water, and shall be due and pay- <br />a 3 OZ-0 <br />U~"" 15 able monthly at the same time that such water charges are due and <br />~ mom. <br />a Z16 payable. The total amount due for the charges herein provided for <br />O z0 `o" <br />J -i <br />00 < a-o 17; and for water service by the City shall be paid as a unit in the <br />U.1 0. <br />. I <br />= 18' manner and the time as may now or hereafter be provided for by <br />19 i <br />the City for the collection of its water charges, and all pro- <br />20 visions by the City pertaining to the collection of water charges <br />21 <br />shall apply to the collection of the charges herein authorized. <br />22 <br />Section 3. In the event that any person shall fail to pay <br />23 the total charges as due, when due, the City may in addition to any <br />24 other remedies it has, discontinue both the supply of water and all <br />25 other services herein provided for, all as provided for the diseon- <br />~ <br />26 tinuance of water services for failure to meet the charges there- <br />27Ifor, and no water shall be furnished or other services provided <br />28 <br />8until all delinquent charges have been paid, together with any <br />29penalties or charges for the resumption of such services. <br />30 Section 4. In case services as herein provided for shall be <br />31 due from persons or property to which water is not furnished by the' <br />32 City, the charge for services shall nevertheless be due and payable; <br />1. <br />