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ORDINANCE NO. 220 <br />2 I AN ORDINANCE PROHIBITING THE SPLITTING OR <br />j SUB-DIVIDING OF ANY LOT OR PLAT OF GROUND <br />3. WHICH HAS HERETOFORE BEEN INCLUDED IN ANY <br />SUBDIVISION MAP WITHOUT APPROVAL OF THE <br />4 PLANNING COMMISSION AND AMENDING ALL <br />5 ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT THEREWITH. <br />6 The City Council of the City of Brea does ordain as follows: <br />7 Section 1. That no lot or parcel of ground located in the <br />8, City of Brea which has been included in any subdivision map or <br />91 <br />itract shall be split up, divided or sub-divided in any manner in- <br />10 oluding the sale or placing of a lien thereon, without the consent <br />i <br />it of the Planning Commission and the City Council first obtained in <br />12 <br />the manner and by the procedure provided for the obtaining of var- <br />131ianoes in the Zoning and/or Subdivision Ordinances of the City of <br />m 1411Brea as they now are, or hereafter may be ar4ended. <br />M a ZM 15 I <br />u-'9o" Section 2. The above provisions shall be construed to pro- <br />~r ,gym <br />t ~ < <br />U0 <br />a W m 11 16 •hiblt the filing of a tract map and the splitting, dividing or sub., <br />~X <br />o ° zoz <br />17 I dividing of a lot concurrent therewith, or as a part of a general ~ <br />LL <br />x 181 <br />,scheme of subdivision. <br />19 Section 3. The above provisions shall be construed as an ad- <br />20 dition or amendment to the Subdivision and Zoning Ordinances of the. <br />i <br />21iCity of Brea as they now, or may hereafter exist, including the pro- <br />22 visions relating to the penalties or violations of said ordinances.! <br />i. <br />2,311 <br />24 I, CONSTANCE YOUNG, City Clerk of the City of Brea, do hereby <br />25: certify that the foregoing Ordinanoe was introduced at a regular <br />meeting of the City Council oft the nth day of rra;- fi, er 1950, <br />26 and was finally passed at a regular meeting of the sai"Ity <br />Council on then day of December , 1950, by the following vote: <br />27, <br />AYES: COUNCILMEN: Jones, b`onroe. CChweitzer i-rd Ce&ver <br />28 I NOES: COUNCILMEN; Tone <br />291 ABSENT; COUNCILMEN: N.:Cart <br />30 I ATTEST: - <br />City erk ot~h ity~Fr 'Brea <br />31 <br />day of <br />The foregoing Ordinance is hereby approved this : <br />32 <br />ec~be 1950. <br />Mayor/ t t e City ot` Brea <br />Pro--tem <br />