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1 CRDII,AIdCE 140. 224 <br />i, <br />2 AIu ORDI11ANCE OF THE CITY OF BREA PROVIDIivG FOR I ISPECTI0.'N <br />CHLRGES A_~D REPEALING ALL ORDI11A CES IN CONFLICT THEREWITH. <br />3 <br />4 <br />5 The City Council of the City of Brea does ordain as follows: <br />6 Section 1. That a Subdivider of property and/or the Owner of <br />- <br />7 pronerty where improvements are made subject to a permit, or <br />- <br />under tale supervision of the City, will pay the City's inspection <br />8 <br />9 charges in connection with the work so done. <br />10 Section 2. That ti-1e amount of such charges will be determined <br />11 by the City Council from tire to tire pursuant to the terns hereof, <br />12 either by minute order or by resolution. <br />13 Section j. That the Subdivider said/or Owner shall pay said <br />14 charges to the City in advance or otherwise as may be required by <br />15 the City. <br />16 <br />17 <br />- - - - - <br />18 <br />I, <br />1,3301,STA CE YOUNG, City Clerk of the City <br />of Brea, <br />do hereby <br />19 <br />' <br />certify <br />that the foregoing Ordinance was introduced at a <br />regular <br />20 <br />meeting <br />of the City Council of the City of Brea <br />held on <br />the 2nd <br />21 <br />day of y <br />MV 1951, and was duly passed at a <br />regular <br />meeting <br />22 <br />of the <br />City Council of the City of Brea held on <br />the 16th <br />day of <br />23 <br />May <br />1951, by the following vote: <br />24 <br />A)M S: <br />COUIICIL-EN: McCart, Monroe, Schweitzer and <br />heaver <br />25 <br />NOES: <br />COUNCILISN: done <br />26 <br />ABSENT: <br />COUITOILMEN: Jones <br />27 <br />ATTEST: <br />28 <br />Acting- City Clerk of the <br />City of $rea <br />29 <br />30 Approved this 16th day of Mey 1951- <br />31 <br />32 <br />Mayor of the City of rea <br />