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1 ORDI UA14CE NO. 204 <br />W <br />m < <br />a 3 °Za <br />~ ~ 93a <br />Q y O p <br />X11 Z Z <br />JJ 0 L Z <br />Ok <br />L <br />a <br />z <br />2 AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF BREA ESTABLISHING A <br />PLANNING COMKISSIOV p ZONES IN THE CITY AND REGULA- <br />3 TING THE USE Of LANDS, HEIGHTS OF BUILDINGS, <br />ADOPTING Of A MAP SHOWING THE BOUNDARIES OF SAID <br />4 ZONES, PROVIDING FOR ADJUSTMENT, AXENDKENT AND <br />ENFORCEMENT OF SAID ORDINAMOZ o PROVIDING FOR PSN.. <br />5 ALTIES FOR VIOLATION THEREOF AND REPEALING ALL <br />ORDINANGES OR PARTS OF ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT THERXWITH. <br />6i <br />7 <br />8 The City Council of the City of Brea does ordain as follows: <br />9 SECTION I. <br />10 A land use plan for the City of Brea is hereby adopted and <br />11 established to serve the public health, safety and general welfare <br />i <br />12 and to provide for the evonomical and social advantages resulting! <br />13 from an orderly planned use of land and the erection of buildings.; <br />14 SECTION II. NAME AND DEFINITIONS. <br />15 1. This ordinance, which defines and makes effective the <br />16 use of land and creates a Planning Commission, shall be known as <br />17 "Brea. Zoning Ordinance". <br />181 2. Words and phrases used herein shall be interpreted in <br />19 1 accordance with their common and accepted meaning and interpret.. <br />20j ing what is or is not allowed in the various zones hereafter <br />21 established the common meaning to be inferred therefrom shall <br />i <br />221 prevail, and the City Counallcs interpretation, in passing upon: <br />23 <br />the recommendation of the Planning Commission, shall <br />be <br />final and <br />24 <br />conclusive upon all parties and constitute a finding <br />of <br />fact by <br />25 ' said Council. r` <br />26 'i BECTI0~3 III. ESTABLISHING DIStRICTS. <br />i <br />271 In order to classify and regulate the use of land and <br />28; buildings, five classes of districts are established as follows: <br />291 R - Residential. i£ <br />i <br />30C - Commercial, general <br />31' Cl- Commercial, Neighborhpa -4 <br />32 Iii - Manufacturing and Indusfti <br />A - Agricultural. <br />-1- <br />