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is <br />1 ORDINANCE NO. 221 <br />2 All ORDINANCE RELATING TO CIVIL DEFENSE <br />r AND DISASTERS <br />3 !i <br />4; The City Council of the City of Brea does ordain as follows: <br />5 Section 1. PURPOSE. The declared purposes of this ordinance <br />6; are to provide for the preparation and carrying out of plans for <br />the civil defense of persons and property within this City In the <br />811 event of a disaster, and to provide for the coordination of the <br />9I civil defense and disaster functions of this city with all other <br />10;. <br />public agencies and affected private persons, corporations and <br />11 organizations. Any expenditures made in connection with such civil <br />12 defense and disaster activities, including mutual aid activities, <br />1311 <br />1, shall be deemed conclusively to be for the direct protection and <br />1~'L benefit of the inhabitants and property of the City of Brea. j <br />I <br />15 Section 2. DEFINITIONS. A. Civil Defense. As used in this <br />16 ordinance, the term "civil defense" shall mean the preparation for <br />17 ii and the carrying out of all emergency functions, other than func- <br />tions for which military forces are primarily responsible, to pre- i <br />19i vent, minimize, and repair injury and damage resulting from disas- <br />20 ters. It shall not include nor does any provision of this ordinance= <br />21 <br />apply to any condition relating to a labor controversy. <br />22 B, Disaster. As used in this ordinance, the term "disaster" I <br />23 <br />shall mean actual or threatened enemy attack, sabotage, extra- <br />24: <br />ordinary fire, flood, storm, epidemic, riot, earthquake or other <br />25 similar public calamity. <br />26 Section 3. CIVIL DEFENSE AND DISASTER COUNCIL. MEMBERSHIP. <br />27 <br />The Brea Civil Defense and Disaster Council is hereby created and <br />28,11 <br />shall consist of the following: <br />29 <br />A. The Mayor, who shall be chairman. <br />30 i <br />H B. The Director of Civil Defense and Disaster, who shall be <br />31 <br />vice-chairman. <br />i <br />"2~ C. The Assistant Director, appointed by the Mayor with the <br />DONALD J. SCHUMACHER <br />I <br />ATTORNEY AT LAN ~I <br />SECU14ITY FIRST NATIONAL <br />iI <br />BANK BUILDING II 1. <br />FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA!' i <br />PHONE 17S II <br />!I i <br />