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ORDINANCE NO. 215 <br />1 AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF BREA, ORANGE COUNTY, <br />CALIFORNIA, APPROVING AND PROVIDING FOR THE AN- <br />2 P:EXATION OF CERTAIN UNINHABITED TERRITORY TO SAID <br />CITY. <br />3 <br />4 THAT WHEREAS, there was heretofore filed with the City of <br />5 Brea a petition signed by more than one-fourth of the owners of <br />6 the area of land in the hereinafter described territory and repre- <br />7senting more than one-fourth the assessed valuation of such terri- <br />I <br />8 , tort', to wit, the owners of all of said. property, setting forth <br />i <br />9 ii that said property was uninhabited within the meaning of the law <br />to sand asking for its annexation to the City of Brea; and <br />11 WHEREAS, the signers of said petition consented that the <br />12;iproperty and territory sought to be annexed to the City of Brea <br />13 may be taxed by the City to pay any and all indebtedness or lia- <br />14 bility of said City contracted or existing prior to date of said <br />d 04" 15 <br />petition and date of such proposed annexation equally and upon the <br />f. J J a <br />aWZZa 16 same basis as property or territory now or heretofore included <br />o W <br />o°=_= 17 within the area of the City of Brea; and <br />Q a v:3 <br />z 18 WHEREAS, pursuant to said petition, the City Council passed <br />19 ,a resolution giving notice that on 3drs.l5 , 1950, at the hour of <br />20.7:30 o'clock P. M. of said day, in the Council Room Chambers in the <br />21 i:City Hall at Brea, California, as the time and. place then all <br />22 persons objecting to said proposed annexation could appear and show. <br />231cause, if any they had, why said proposed territory should not be <br />24 I annexed; and <br />25 WHEREAS, said hearing was regularly had at said time and <br />26,place and no objections of any kind or nature having been made by <br />271 <br />lanyone to the annexation of said territory, <br />28 NOW, THEREFORE, the City Council of the City of Brea does <br />! <br />29 <br />ordain as follows: <br />30 11 <br />Section 1. The annexation to the City of Brea, Orange County <br />31!California, of the hereinafter described property is approved and <br />I <br />32 <br />said property is hereby ordered annexed to the City of Brea. <br />