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contribution up to 5% of Employee's base salary into Employee's 401 plan or his 457 plan. <br />Effective November 26, 2022, City's contribution match shall be up to 8% of Employee's base <br />salary." <br />4. Preservation of Agreement. Except as expressly modified or supplemented by this <br />Second Amendment, all of the provisions of the Agreement (as amended by the First Amendment) <br />shall remain unaltered and in full force and effect. <br />EXECUTED: <br />EMPLOYEE <br />Wil lam Gallardo <br />CITY MANAGER <br />Approved as to form: <br />Terence Boga <br />CITY ATTORNEY <br />- 2 of 2- <br />2740784.1 <br />CITY OF BREA <br />Cecilia Hupp <br />MAYOR <br />Attest: <br />1 liars I arris-Neal <br />CITY CLERK <br />pANGF couyrF <br />� 4 <br />❑ � T <br />L r <br />�q1 rP0 •••r 1�. <br />FEBRU pa+ 1 <br />