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BACKGROUND/DISCUSSION <br />BACKGROUND <br />On January 15, 2019, the City Council initiated Zone Change No. ZC 19-01 in response to a request by <br />the Applicant to rezone the subject property from Commercial Industrial (C -M) to Planned Community <br />(PC). The Applicant then submitted requests for consideration of Planned Community Master Plan No. <br />PCMP 19-01 ("Master Plan"), and Development Agreement No. 19-01 ("Development Agreement") for <br />development of a 5 -story building with 114 residential units. An EIR for the Project pursuant to the <br />requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act ("CEQA") was prepared for this request. <br />Summary of Project <br />The subject is located on the southeast corner of Mercury Lane and Berry Street. The property has a <br />General Plan designation of Light Industrial and is zoned C -M, Commercial Industrial. The property is <br />currently vacant, adjacent to the Downtown and is surrounded by industrial uses. <br />The Project proposes to change the zoning to allow a Planned Community designation for a <br />high-density, workhouse housing residential project in an industrial zone. The residential complex <br />would include the construction of a 5 -story building, 68 -feet in height on a 1.01 -acre parcel. The <br />Applicant has a vision for a private approach to affordable housing. The Project proposes to provide <br />114 multi -family residential apartments. The units range in size from studios (452-596 square feet), one <br />bedrooms (651-675 square feet) and 2 bedrooms (1,111 square feet). The Project identifies these <br />apartments as "workforce" units due to their size and proximity to major employment centers including: <br />Mercury Insurance, Downtown Brea businesses, and adjacent commercial and industrial uses. The <br />Applicant has also incorporated into the Project a plan to offer and maintain affordable rents based on <br />the design, location, size and management of the complex. More specific information about the Project <br />can be found in the staff reports prepared for the Planning Commission and the Master Plan. <br />Planning Commission Review <br />On January 28, 2020, the Planning Commission held a public hearing to consider the Project and the <br />Final EIR. The Planning Commission continued the hearing until February 25, 2020. <br />On February 25, 2020, the Planning Commission reviewed additional information provided by Staff, <br />received additional public testimony and closed the public hearing. The Planning Commission directed <br />Staff prepare a draft Resolution with Conditions of Approval to address several remaining <br />issues/concerns. The Planning Commission continued the item to the March 23, 2020 regularly <br />scheduled meeting. <br />The March 23, 2020 Planning Commission meeting was canceled due to the current COVID-19 <br />emergency. The City re -noticed the Mercury project for the April 28, 2020 Planning Commission <br />meeting. At this meeting, the Commission considered additional information presented by Staff, the <br />Applicant, and during public testimony. The public hearing was closed and the Commission deliberated <br />and provided their recommendation as outlined above. <br />Q &*6111:14IQ 0 <br />Zone Change <br />The subject property is currently zoned Commercial Industrial, which does not allow for residential uses. <br />The applicant has requested the zoning designation be changed to Planned Community, which would <br />allow for development consistent with an approved Planned Community Master Plan. Pursuant to <br />Section 20.424.020(A) of the City Code, the following findings must be made before the approval of a <br />