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recovery. Other than disassembly of parts and packaging for shipping, there will be no <br />processing of materials at the site. <br /> <br />The applicant will occupy the entire building. The proposed floor plan consists of 10,069 <br />square feet of office space, 20,338 square feet of processing area, and 69,145 square feet <br />used for storage. <br /> <br />It is anticipated there will a maximum of 50 employees on the site. The proposed hours of <br />operations are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The business will operate Monday through Friday, <br />with an occasional Saturday for receiving of shipments. <br /> <br />The business operator has another location in the City of Chino. Staff inquired with the City <br />of Chino to determine if there have been any issues with the operation of the business. <br />Chino staff noted they were not aware of any issues and have not received any complaints <br />about the business. Based on the location of the business, a review of the operational <br />characteristics, and their current operation record, staff does not believe this use will create <br />an impact to the surrounding area. <br />ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT <br />The proposed project as submitted is exempt from the requirement of the California <br />Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) pursuant to Section 15301 of Title 14, Chapter 3, Article <br />19 of the California Code of Regulations. <br />RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED <br />Jennifer A. Lilley, AICP, City Planner <br />Prepared by: David Blumenthal, AICP, Contract Planner <br /> <br />Attachments <br />1. Technical Background <br />2. Vicinty Map <br />3. Notice of Public Hearing <br />4. Draft Resolution <br />5. Project Plans