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DISCUSSION <br />Amendment to CUP 92-12 - The applicant is requesting to amend the existing Conditional <br />Use Permit to remove gasoline sales, full–service car washing and the coffee and auto <br />accessory sales. The new use includes an automated drive-thru car wash with self-serve <br />vacuum stations. This is a permitted use in this zone subject to the approval of a Conditional <br />Use Permit. The project as proposed meets development standards for the zone including <br />setbacks, lot coverage, parking and building height. <br />Circulation, Queuing, Wayfinding and Access: <br />The applicant has worked with the City’s Traffic Engineer to address concerns related to <br />onsite circulation, ingress, egress, parking and queuing. The new site plan provides for <br />two-way access from Brea Boulevard and more open onsite circulation. On site circulation <br />has further been improved by widening the exit to the alley, removing overly restrictive onsite <br />channelization features and reducing the length of the dividing wall. In addition, the exit area <br />from the carwash building has been improved by five feet providing more distance between <br />the building's vehicle exit and the drive isle into the site. The new site design has also <br />addressed the ability of “visitors” to the site including deliveries, trash pickup and the like. All <br />of these changes are anticipated to improve onsite circulation, improve access to the site, <br />reduce concerns for queuing back up and minimize driver/patron confusion as to how to <br />enter and access the site and the car wash facility. The Applicant will work with City staff to <br />ensure wayfinding enhances and further defines the onsite circulation. Conditions n, o and p <br />are included in the draft Resolution to ensure onsite and off-site circulation and access are <br />maintained over time. <br /> <br />Hours of Operation: Staff has worked with the applicant to better understand the concern <br />with potential impacts to the neighborhood and the community. Condition j. specifies the <br />hours of operation as Mondays through Saturdays, 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Sundays 9:00 am to <br />6:00 pm. Based on the direction of the Planning Commission the condition provides a <br />process for the applicant to request an extension of the hours of operation following a six <br />month trial period. <br />Architecture and Compatibility with the Downtown: In order to better translate the intention of <br />the Planning Commission and the need for sensitive and thoughtful design at this important <br />location of the City, staff worked with the City’s consulting architect to provide design <br />features and materials for the applicant to incorporate into this proposal. The applicant has <br />taken the features of the existing car wash, the Taps restaurant tower features and materials