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H. The City desires to add and adjust certain fees and charges in <br />order to more fairly allocate the cost burden of providing the Services, and to <br />more fully recover the actual costs incurred by the City in providing the services <br />to which the fees and charges apply. <br />I. Chapter 3.32 of the Brea City Code provides that the City may, <br />following a properly noticed public hearing and adoption of a resolution or <br />ordinance, set fees and charges to recover costs reasonably borne by the City. <br />J. Government Code Section 66000, et seq. allows cities to collect <br />fees and charges for various municipal services, as long as those fees and <br />charges do not exceed the estimated reasonable costs of providing the service <br />for which the fee or charge is imposed. <br />K. On August 21, 2018, the City Council conducted a duly noticed <br />public hearing concerning the adoption of this Resolution and the fees and <br />charges proposed herein. The public hearing was continued to the September 18, <br />2018 City Council Meeting. At the public hearing the public was provided an <br />opportunity to make oral and written presentations. Written notice of the public <br />hearing was also provided to interested parties who filed written requests <br />pursuant to Government Code Section 66016 for mailed notice of meetings <br />addressing new or increased fees or service charges. <br />L. At least ten (10) days prior to the public hearing referenced above, <br />the City made available for public inspection information required to be made <br />public pursuant to Government Code Section 66000, et seq. <br />3 September 18, 2018 <br />RESO. 2018-053 <br />