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Fee amounts do not fully recover the City's costs of providing all of the Services. <br />As a result, a significant portion of these costs are being paid from the City's <br />general fund and therefore, by the general public. <br />D. The City Council finds that providing the Services specially benefits <br />the recipient of the Services, without benefitting the general public. Therefore, <br />the City desires to more fairly allocate recovery of the costs of providing the <br />Services by establishing and amending certain Service and Development User <br />Fees. <br />E. The Service and Development User Fees proposed to be adopted <br />herein, are based upon information contained in a written study prepared by NBS <br />Consultant retained by the City, entitled "Citywide User Fee Study Report", dated <br />October 3, 2017 and adopted by reference herein ("Fee Study"). The Fee Study <br />analyzes the City's actual, fully burdened, current costs to provide various <br />services including development -related user services and other services more <br />fully described herein. <br />F. The Fee Study identifies the purpose of the proposed fees and <br />charges, and demonstrates the actual relationship or "nexus" between the <br />amount of the fees and charges and the cost to the City in providing the Services <br />to which each fee and charge applies. <br />G. Pursuant to Government Code Section 66000, et seq., the City is <br />authorized to collect fees and charges sufficient to recover up to one -hundred <br />percent (100%) of the actual costs to the City in providing the services to which <br />the fees and charges apply. <br />2 September 18, 2018 <br />RESO. 2018-053 <br />