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RESOLUTION NO. 2018-053 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF BREA <br />ESTABLISHING AND ADJUSTING DEVELOPMENT -RELATED USER <br />FEES AND OTHER FEES FOR CITY SERVICES <br />A. RECITALS: <br />that: <br />(1) The City Council of the City of Brea hereby finds, determines and declares <br />A. The City Council has conducted an extensive analysis of services it <br />provides to the public as well as the costs reasonably borne by the City in <br />providing those services, the beneficiaries of those services, the specific fee and <br />charge amounts being collected for those services, and the overall revenues <br />produced through collection of those fees and charges. <br />B. The City Council has determined that City staff provides many <br />types of development -related and other kinds of services to the public, including <br />services related to administering development applications, and services related <br />to ongoing uses, special events, and/or other non -development related activities <br />and approvals (collectively, "Services" sometimes herein). <br />C. As permitted by State law, the City currently collects fees and <br />charges for non -development related services ("Service Fees") and for <br />development -related services ("Development User Fees") from persons receiving <br />such services in order to recover a portion of the fully burdened costs of staff <br />time, copying costs, indirect and support costs and other expenses incurred by <br />the City in providing these Services. Current Service Fee and Development User <br />1 September 18, 2018 <br />RESO. 2018-053 <br />