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on the property. The Precise Development request is required given the PD overlay for this property. <br />This review is primarily for site design and compatibility of the center with the adjacent sites. The <br />Conditional Use Permit for the sign program updates the existing program for the center and allows a <br />comprehensive approach to tenant identification and center signs. The project is requesting a <br />Conditional Use Permit to consider alternative parking standards and relieve the site from the truck <br />loading requirements. This is a fairly common request to allow commercial centers to address <br />Tentative Parcel Map –Brea Imperial Center is comprised of two parcels. On the west side of the <br />property, the bank sits on its own 0.56-acre parcel with the remainder of the center on a 4.1-acre <br />parcel. The proposed Parcel Map would subdivide the 4.1-acre parcel into two. This subdivision is to <br />allow the fast food restaurant to be on its own 0.8-acre parcel while maintaining the third 3.3-acre <br />parcel. <br />The map is compliant with Brea’s General Plan, Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Map Act. The <br />project meets the minimum lot size and development standards for parcels in the C–G (PD) General <br />Commercial (Precise Development) Zone. In order to ensure proper maintenance of landscaping, art <br />piece, utilities, drainage, common areas, and reciprocal access and parking for the site, Staff has <br />included Conditions D, E, and I as part of the draft Resolution which requires certain easements and <br />the applicant to provide CC&R’s for the project to address these features. <br />Architecture and Landscaping - The applicant is requesting approval of a Precise Development to <br />improve the site with renovations to the façade of the entire in-line tenant building (Shops 1) and Pad <br />1 building; demolition of the dry cleaners; addition of 1,415 square feet to Shops 1 and the demolition <br />and reconstruction of a pad building (See Attachment 5 – Plans). The overall improvements will result <br />in a slight decrease to the total building area on the site. (See Table 1 below) <br />Table 1 Existing Proposed <br />Demolition <br />Remaining Proposed <br />Addition <br />Net <br />Area <br />Total Building Area <br />(square feet) <br />45,453 -5,423 40,030 +5,282 45,312 <br />The proposed façade improvements are designed to elevate the quality and architectural style of the <br />site today. The new design incorporates tower elements, rectangular anchor columns, slatted awnings <br />and complementary materials and colors providing a contemporary and modern look. The <br />reconstructed drive-thru restaurant architecture ties together elements of the original bank building <br />and the new improvements, with red tile roofing on its towers, an extended canopy at the entrance <br />and fabric awnings along the interior facing elevations. Specific details including color and materials <br />can be found in Attachment 6 (Architectural Elevations). <br />Currently, the project is the site of an Arts and Public Places Piece on the south-west corner of the <br />site. Staff has included condition V which requires the applicant to submit a plan for the ownership and <br />maintenance of the artpiece, including protective measures during construction. The project proposes <br />to replace all trees and landscaping removed during construction in addition to new plantings <br />proposed within the parking area and along the property. This will result in larger shading California <br />Sycamore and Crape Mrtyle along the parking area along with added shrubbery and perennials <br />including Bird of Paradise and Daylily. Staff has included cover Condition H requiring the applicant to <br />submit a final landscape and irrigation plan in order to demonstrate the planting palette and <br />maintenance of the landscaping will be in accordance with City of Brea Ordinance 1134. <br />Site Identification - The project requests the review of a Conditional Use Permit to adopt a new <br />comprehensive sign program. Brea Imperial Center was granted their existing sign program in 1992 <br />under CUP 92-17. The proposed sign program establishes guidelines and criteria for the design and <br />implementation of all tenant identification. The sign program does not alter the amount of allowable <br />signage per tenant, however it allows for more creative and interesting sign types as well as clarifies