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Agency Report of: <br />Ceremonial Role Events and TicketlPass Distributions <br />1. Agency Name <br />City of Brea <br />Fire Department <br />Lillian Hams -Neal, City Clerk <br />714-990-7757 I <br />2 Function or Event Information <br />Does the agency have a ticket policy? Yes ® No ❑ <br />Event Description: 1 -Day Park Hopper Ticket <br />Pmvfde 77ttal Explanadon <br />Tickets)/Pass(es) provided by agency? Yes ❑ No <br />Was ticket distribution made at the behest Yes ❑ No 99 <br />of agency official? <br />Date Stamp <br />A Public Document <br />For ofrtdei use orgy <br />(Must Provide Exptanadon to Part 3.) <br />Date of Original Filing: <br />(march, day, year) <br />Face Value of Each Ticket/Pass $ 167.00 <br />Date(s) _1, 14 1 18 5 1. 10 1 18 <br />If no: Waft Disney Co. <br />Name of source <br />If yes: <br />OtikiaPs Name (Las; First' <br />3. Recipients <br />• Use Section A to identify the agency's department or unit. • Use Section 8 to identify an individual. • Use Section C to identify an outside organization. <br />A. Name of Agency, Department or unit ofrckegak Describe the public purpose made pursuant to the agency's policy <br />Passes <br />City of Brea, Fire Department - See Attached 88 1 Thank you for services during recent wildfires in CA. <br />Number <br />B. Home of Individual ofmckagey <br />(Lftil l=ast) I Passes <br />Identity one of the foiiovAng: <br />Ceremonial Role ❑ Other ❑ Income ❑ <br />Irdfeddnp'Cerorrr MW RW or'iDfherdesmbe befow <br />Ceremonial Role ❑ other ❑ income ❑ <br />rrehedang'CmemonW Role' or'Cthe describe below: <br />C. Name of Outside Organtug I of 1 Eckat(s►1 I Describe the public purpose made pursuant to tate agancy's policy <br />(Include address and deserltion) <br />pPasssa <br />4. Verification <br />! ftave re9v and understand FPPC Regulations 18944.1 and 18942. 1 have verified that the distribution set forth above, is in accordance <br />e <br />Lillian Harris -Neal City Clerk 3/wh/p <br />Signaltific of Agency Head or Designee Print Name Tela ( nth. d <br />Comment: Eec . � A t';e S C 01,-yWee, <br />FPPC Form 902 (212016) <br />FPPC Toll -Free Helpline: 9661ASK-FPPC (966f275-3772) <br />