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N SECTION: PERSONNEL PAGE. 1 of 2 <br />GENERALGifts and Gratuities <br />SUBJECT: <br />POLICIES & PROCEDURES 4 <br />MANUAL ADOPTED: December 23, 1992 <br />13.98 REVISED: CITY MANAGER4f-,, <br />I.PURPOSE: <br />To provide information regarding the City's policy on the acceptance of gifts and <br />gratuities from persons doing business with the City or persons.having matters <br />pending before the City. <br />II. POLICY: <br />Employees.should not directly or indirectly solicit any gift or receive any gift whether <br />in the form of money, services, loan, travel, entertainment, hospitality, promise, or <br />any other form under circumstances which it could reasonably be inferred the gift was <br />intended to influence them or could reasonably be expected to influence them in the <br />performance of their official duties, or was intended as a reward for any official <br />action on their part. If it becomes difficult or impossible to return a gift to the <br />i sender, it is suggested that it be forwarded to the City Manager's office for disposal <br />to a local charity. The City Manager will notify the sender that this has been done in <br />accordance with City policy. All gifts should be rejected firmly but as tactfully as <br />possible so the good intentions of the giver are properly acknowledged. Any gifts <br />received and then given to a charitable organization may not be deducted by the <br />employee on his/her annual income tax return as charitable contributions. The <br />provisions of the Administrative Regulation shall not prohibit employees from <br />patronizing merchants or firms who offer group discounts or savings on merchandise <br />or services to all City employees as approved by the Personnel Department. <br />III. PROCEDURE: <br />Any employee who receives a gift and/or gratuity shall return the gift to the sender. <br />If it is impossible to return the gift, the gift should be forwarded to the City <br />Manager's office for dispersal to a local charity. Any employee who believes he/she <br />has knowledge of a violation of this policy should: <br />1.Notify their supervisor immediately in writing documenting the circumstances. <br />Employees alleging a violation shall be required to swear or affirm that the <br />facts stated in the complaint are true to the best of their knowledge and <br />information.